Penetration Testing Tools

Top 30 Best Penetration Testing Tools – 2024

Introduction : In this article, security experts from Cyber Security News have extensively researched and listed the top 30 best penetration testing tools. When we talk about penetration Testing, we all know very well that the...
endpoint security tools

11 Best Advanced Endpoint Security Tools – 2024

Introduction : Every enterprise, regardless of size, has what we call a digital perimeter. This perimeter is comprised of all the devices, or endpoints, which connect to your IT network and their cybersecurity protections. In...
Top 12 Best Open Source Intelligence Tools (OSINT Tools) for Penetration Testing 2023

Top 12 Best Open Source Intelligence Tools (OSINT Tools) for Penetration Testing 2024

Introduction : We all know very well that getting or gathering any information by using various tools becomes really easy. In this article, we have discussed various OSINT tools, as if we search over the...
Web Filtering Solutions

18 Best Web Filtering Solutions – 2023

Web filtering solutions involve monitoring and filtering internet traffic to prevent users from accessing specific websites, applications, or types of content that may be deemed inappropriate, unsafe, or non-compliant with organizational guidelines. In today’s digital...
Best Cloud Service providers

25 Best Cloud Service Providers (Public and Private) in 2023 

As technology advances, more and more organizations are turning to cloud computing as a necessary solution for their data storage and processing needs. Cloud computing is a widely accepted trend in the information technology...
Best SIEM Tools

10 Best SIEM Tools for SOC Operations – 2024

SIEM is now a fundamental security component of modern enterprises. The major reason is that each customer or tracker creates a virtual footprint in the log data of a network. SIEM systems leverage these log...
SaaS cybersecurity threats

Top 13 SaaS Cybersecurity Threats in 2023

Every company should have an eye on its cybersecurity. =But SaaS companies have their own set of concerns to be mindful of. With their business model primarily being online, SaaS applications open themselves to...
Single Sign-On Solutions

10 Best Single Sign-On (SSO) Solutions – 2024

Introduction : Single Sign-On, as the name suggests, is about signing in on no app and signing in on different types of apps without authenticating on other apps. Managing and changing passwords regularly is a job,...
threat hunting tools

20 Best Threat Hunting Tools – 2023

Threat hunting Tools are essential for undetected cybersecurity threats hiding in the network, databases, and endpoints. The approach requires researching deeply into the environment to locate malicious activity. To prevent these types of attacks, threat...

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