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Exchange Server Vulnerabilities

Critical Exchange Server Vulnerabilities let Attackers Execute Remote Code

Microsoft has released security updates for vulnerabilities found in the below versions of Exchange servers on the 13th April 2021 which is...

100 Million+ Devices Affected With Critical WRECK DNS Implementation Flaws

JSOF team together with Forescout Research Labs, have revealed a set of nine vulnerabilities related to Domain Name System (DNS) implementations, causing...
Microsoft Released CyberBattleSim

Microsoft Released CyberBattleSim – A Python-based Enterprise Environment Simulator

Microsoft has recently announced the open-source availability of the Python-based enterprise environment simulator named ‘CyberBattleSim’. It is an experimental...
Former Senior NSA Officials

Joe Biden Appointed two Former Senior NSA Officials for Senior Cyber Security Roles

Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America, has appointed two senior ex-National Security Agency (NSA) executives for key cyber...
500 Million LinkedIn Users Scraped

Data of 500 Million LinkedIn Users Scraped and Being Sold Online

LinkedIn is the most recent victim of a massive data breach and data of over 500 million of its users has been...
Upstox data breach

Brokerage Firm Upstox Exposes 2.5 Million Customers Sensitive Information

Upstox suffers a security breach, resulting in the exposure of 2.5 million users' sensitive information online from unsecured AWS S3 Bucket.
Texas Man Charged

Texas Man Charged With Intent of Planning to Kill 70% of the Internet

A Texas man is charged with intent to attack Data Centers on April 8 2021. This man has planned to blow up...

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