Compliance Management Software

11 Best Compliance Management Software in 2024

Introduction : Compliance Management Software's goal is to ensure that everyone in the organization follows the rules and laws. Governments, regulatory and industry bodies, employee unions, and other organizations set these requirements. Businesses use software tools...
Mobile App Security Scanners

10 Best Mobile App Security Scanners to Detect Vulnerability in Applications 2024

Introduction : In this era, mobile technology and smartphone are trendy terms often used. 90% of the population holds a smartphone in their hands. Their purpose is not only to “call” other parties but to use...
Penetration Testing Tools

Top 30 Best Penetration Testing Tools – 2024

Introduction : In this article, security experts from Cyber Security News have extensively researched and listed the top 30 best penetration testing tools. When we talk about penetration Testing, we all know very well that the...
Top 5 Bug Bounty Platforms for Every White Hat Hackers – 2023

Top 5 Bug Bounty Platforms for Every White Hat Hackers – 2024

Before you start reading this article, you need to know what is all about Bug Bounty platforms. This is the platform where the software gets used to deploy the bug bounty program. It is...
Top 10 Best Practices for Cybersecurity Professionals to Securing Your Database

Top 10 Best Practices for Cybersecurity Professionals to Secure Your Database

In today’s digital landscape, databases are the fortresses where an organization’s most valuable data assets are stored and managed. However, these digital vaults are constantly under siege by cyber threats. As a cybersecurity professional, your...
Top 20 Most Exploited Vulnerabilities – Hackers are Particularly Drawn to Microsoft’s Products

Top 20 Most Exploited Vulnerabilities: Microsoft Products Draw Hackers

Finding and patching the open vulnerabilities in today's threat landscape is one of the utmost priorities for security researchers and analysts. Identifying weaponized high-risk CVEs actively targeted by Threat Actors and ransomware in the vast...
Best Cloud Access Security Broker

11 Best Cloud Access Security Broker Software (CASB) – 2024

Introduction : The Cloud Access Security Broker serves as a gatekeeper for organizations, assisting them in keeping track of and safely utilizing cloud services while ensuring that network traffic complies with their security guidelines and...
Python Tools

Most Important Python Security Tools for Ethical Hackers & Penetration Testers 2023

There are a variety of Python security tools are using in the cybersecurity industries and python is one of the widely used programming languages to develop penetration testing tools. For anyone who is involved in...
How to Fix a Hacked Computer

How to Fix a Hacked Computer – Guide To Secure Your Computers – 2023

If you suspect your computer has been hacked, the first thing that comes to your mind is how to clean a computer after being hacked. prompt action is crucial to safeguard your data...
Network Security Solutions

11 Best Network Security Solutions – 2024

Introduction : Network security solutions are essential for safeguarding client data and information, maintaining the security of shared data, ensuring dependable network performance, and defending against online threats. Your network and data are protected from hacks,...

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