DDoS Attacks Peaked at 800Gbps

DDoS Attacks Peaked at 800Gbps Targets Gambling and Video Games Industry

According to security services provider Akamai, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are growing bigger in volume, and they have also become...
Malware via Gaming mods and Cheat Engines

Beware – Hackers Using Gaming mods and Cheat Engines to Deliver Malware

Cisco Talos recently revealed a new campaign targeting video game players and other PC modders. They detected a new cryptor used in...
IT Contractor Sentenced

A Former IT Consultant Hacked a Company and Deleted 1,200 User Accounts

An IT Contractor, Deepanshu Kher was sentenced to two years in prison for accessing the server of a Carlsbad Company and deleting...
DDoS Attack via DCCP

New DDoS Attack Vector Discovered in DCCP Protocol

Akamai Technologies, Inc. is a global content delivery network, cybersecurity, and cloud service company, providing web and Internet security services.

Cloudflare Under Attack Mode Basic Guide

Cloudflare gives an expansive degree of protection from a wide scope of attacks. We do this while limiting false positives or irritations...
RDP Attacks Reached Record Levels

RDP Attacks Reached Record Levels as More Employees Continue to Work from Home

The vast majority of companies had to switch to remote work due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As life for large swaths of...
Twitter Hack Mastermind

The 17-year-old Twitter Hacker who is the “mastermind” Behind a High-Profile Attack Pleads Guilty

Graham Ivan Clark, 17, of Tampa, was arrested on 30 felony charges. Authorities say he was the "mastermind" of a July 15...
Dridex Network Attack Campaign

Dridex Network Attack Campaign Delivered by Cutwail Botnet and Poisonous PowerShell Scripts

The IBM X-Force threat intelligence team has recently reported that they are continuously witnessing a huge increase in Dridex-related network attacks, and...
Fake Google reCAPTCHA System

Attackers Leveraging a Fake Google reCAPTCHA System to Steal Office 365 Credentials

The Zscaler threat research team has recently detected a new series of Microsoft-themed phishing attacks that are generally aimed at senior-level employees...
Cryptomining Botnet z0Miner

Cryptomining Botnet z0Miner Targeting ElasticSearch and Jenkins RCE Vulnerabilities

A crypto mining botnet spotted in the previous year is currently targeting and attempting to take control of Jenkins and ElasticSearch servers...

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