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Top 10 Best Cyber Attack Simulation Tools to Improve Your Organization Security – 2022

Cyber Attack Simulation

Cyberattack is not at all a distant threat. Any organization can be its target. This type of cyber attack simulation is the method of computer security testing. These identify the vulnerabilities and attack the technique which the malicious actors use.

Cyber Attack Simulation tool acts like a continuous and automated process where it gets to improve by the inherent limitation of red and blue team testing.

Basically, the Red team plays the malicious attackers role, and the blue team helps to deter the attacks. This whole situation has to lead by the security professional, and it stages under the controlled environment. Both the side will work together to get the clear picture of the organization’s security.

Breach and Cyber attack simulation play a critical role in protecting the organizational assets by stimulating the attack technique. Basically, it acts as a new type of tool which has come to rescue your organization.

Top Ten Cyber Attack Simulation

  • BreachLock
  • Foreseeti
  • Infection Monkey
  • AttackIQ
  • XM Cyber
  • Cymulate
  • Randori
  • NeSSi2
  • Picus
Cyber Attack Simulation


For cyber attack simulation, BreachLock is the tool that delivers penetration testing as a service (PTaaS). It allows initiating the vulnerability with a few clicks so that it can run automatically at intervals. This BreachLock team can follow the white-hat ethical hackers to perform the manual pen-testing depending on the result.


This tool allows you to virtually attack to your infrastructure so that you can assess and manage the risk. It also gives the exposure directly. It has three simple concepts:

Create a model: In this process, you can add router, firewall, server, and service. All these you can include if you want to do the test.

Simulate an attack: This process is crucial because you need to find out when your system will break.

Risk report: This process is completely based on simulation data where the actionable reports get generated. As a user, you can also implement that to overall and lower risk.

This is an enterprise-ready solution with a community edition with very limited features and it is worth to trying and you will also come to know how it will work.

Infection Monkey

If you are thinking of running your application in Cloud, then it is suggested that you use Infection Monkey so that you can test the infrastructure running through Azure, Google Cloud, Aws, or premises.

Cyber Attack Simulation

This is one of the best open-source tools that can be installed in Debian, Windows, and Docker. To stop misconfiguration and credential theft, you can run an automatic cyber attack simulation. Infection Monkey does a non-intrusive attack simulation where it does not impact any network operations.

It makes low CPU and footprint memory. It easily visualized the network and mapped the attacker’s tendency. You can use its free trial version then decide to do further work with it.


This is one of the most popular cyber attack simulation tool for security validation. It makes the platform scalable so that it can strengthen the data center securely.

It is a system which helps security operation engineers to do offensive and defensive system with the red team. This type of tool is completely integrated with the different vital frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK. It also has few features such as:

  • It is powered by the AttackIQ research team, and it works as an industry security leader.
  • Keeping everything safe can customize the attack scenario so that things can be far from the real-world threat.
  • It makes sure that the attack becomes automated and the user will receive the security status report.
  • It works with the primary operating system, which is well integrated with the existing infrastructure.

To understand this tool in an, even more, better way, you can use the FREE trial option to take the decision for a longer time.

XM Cyber

Cyber Attack Simulation

This cyber offers automated APT (advanced persistent threat) in this Cyber Attack Simulation solution. You can easily select the target and run the setup so that attackers receive the prioritized remediation of the report. You can get some highlights down about this tool:

  • It can customize the attack scenario depending on the needs.
  • It can also visualize the attack path.
  • XM Cyber always follows the attack method so that it always up-to-date.

It also does the best activity and best practices as per the recommendation.


Cyber Attack Simulation

This tool draws everything depending upon the industry standard, which includes the MITRE ATT&CK database. It is a continuous optimization platform that automatically throws the book towards the network and provides the descriptive result which includes the scores, vulnerability, etc.


This is a very reliable tool that also comes under the automated red team from the cyber attack simulation platform. It is best for the security system by preventing attacks. It also can launch the real exploits, an attacker must attack in the same way where this tool searches the safest way.

This tool has different benefits; those are below:

  • This platform allows us to assess the security solution and identify the weakness.
  • It also provides insight where it shows that how an attack can see the organization’s assets.
  • It also allows the team to stimulate the real attackers and make a safe way towards the IT system of the organisation.
  • It also provides the real-time attack target analysis where the user can identify the weakness and test defences and it will not allow you to assume that you are safe and secure.


By the name meaning itself you can know that it is an adversary emulation tool that supports only Windows Domain network. This tool leverages the ATT&CK model so that it can test and replicate the system behavior. You can also try the Metta by Uber.


Cyber Attack Simulation

This is another open-source tool that is powered by the JIAC framework. Its main work to do Network Security Simulator. Its main work is to test intrusion detection including algorithms, profile-based automated attacks, network analysis, and much more. To run this tool, you need Java SE7 and MySQL set up.


This is one of the best security and risk management solutions which provides you continuous measures, assess, vulnerabilities, and allow you to stay one step ahead of the cybercriminals.

Configuration and using this dashboard is very easy and makes the platform so that users can easily catch the real attacker and test your defenses. It also offers adequate protection. There are few benefits are below;

Cyber Attack Simulation
  • It has an extensive threat database with protection.
  • It provides real-time identification that gives a strong security layer and it allows the team to get a quick identity.
  • It also maximizes security so that technology does not become change.
  • It makes quick identification of vulnerabilities and suggests you the optimum mitigation to reduce the risk.
  • It also provides real-time visibility with the organization so that attackers’ weak users can come to know.

Final Thoughts – Cyber Attack Simulation Tools

As a business owner, managing an organization’s IT, the security risk is always challenging. We hope that all the above cyber attack simulation tools can help you to implement world-class control at lower risk. Here all mentioned tools offer a free trial so you can try with those first and decide to go for purchase