VAPT Tools are playing the most important part in penetration testing, Here we have listed to top 10 most used VAPT tools for both free and commercial purpose.

At first, if you hear Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT), then it may sound like a new word to you.

But, the fact is that it’s just a mixture of two common important application security activities. Thus, VAPT combines vulnerability evaluation testing with penetration testing.

What Is VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing)?

A vulnerability assessment is the analysis of your application utilizing various types of tools and methods to reveal potential vulnerabilities, hence, if you want then this could be achieved through application security testing tools. Well, in this, the threats are identified, analyzed, and prioritized as part of the method. 

As we can say that various tools are better at identifying various types of vulnerabilities, so it is crucial not to depend solely on one tool for vulnerability assessment.

Therefore, Vulnerability assessment tools are excellent at pointing threats that may disclose your application to strike, and not only that even they also identify the technical vulnerabilities as well.

But here the question arises that how can you identify that these threats are exploitable? In the actual world, can an attacker gain entrance to your application via these vulnerabilities? This is where penetration testing becomes vital.

Well, Penetration testing is the standard method of actively attacking your application to conclude if potential vulnerabilities can be misused. Therefore, we have shortlisted the top 10 VAPT tools. So, it will be helpful for every user to decide which one to choose among all.

Why Do We Need VAPT Tools?

As we said earlier that VAPT is a  process of defending computer systems from attackers by imposing them to find holes and security vulnerabilities.

There are some VAPT tools to evaluate a whole IT system or network, while some bring out an assessment for a particular recess.

Not only this, but there are also VAPT tools for wi-fi network testing as well as web application testing. Tools that administer this method are termed as VAPT tools. 

But now the question arises that why do we need VAPT tool? Well, as we said earlier that it is used to determine the loopholes of a website or in simple language, we can say that it is used for defending your website from various attackers.

There is another reason to use VAPT tools; As we grow more reliant on IT systems, the safety hazards are also increasing both in terms of size and range.

Hence, it has become necessary to proactively defend critical IT systems so that there are no security loopholes.

Thus, penetration testing is the most beneficial technique approved by different companies to protect their IT foundations.

So now without wasting much time let’s get started and discuss all top 10 VAPT tools one by one with a proper description along with their features.

10 Best VAPT Tools

  • Metasploit
  • Wireshark
  • NMAP
  • Burp Suite
  • Nessus
  • Indusface
  • Acunetix
  • Canvas
  • Social-Engineer Toolkit
  • SQLMap


VAPT Tools

This tool is one of the most popular tools among all of them, hence, it is a well-known collection of various VAPT tools.

As it appears at the top of this list because of its distinction and authenticity. Thus, digital security specialists and other IT specialists have used it for a significant length of time to accomplish different goals, comprising finding vulnerabilities, managing security assessments, and determining barrier programs. 

And not only that even you can also employ the Metasploit tool on servers, online-based applications, systems, and other fields.

Well, if a security vulnerability or loophole is detected, then this service makes a record and retaliates it.

In the process of assessing the security of your framework toward more identified vulnerabilities, Metasploit is the best choice for you. 

We can easily say that in our practice, this tool confirmed to be the most reliable penetration testing tool for large-scale attacks.

Metasploit is particularly skilled at locating old vulnerabilities that are hidden and not able to be placed manually.

Hence, Metasploit is accessible in both free and business versions, so, you can pick it according to your requirements.

Moreover, we can say that It is an open-source tool that is based on the theory of ‘exploit,’ which indicates you pass a code that breaches the security standards and enter a reliable system. 

After registering, it runs a ‘payload,’ a code that implements operations on a targeted machine, thus generating the perfect structure for penetration testing.

Therefore, it is a great testing tool to test whether the IDS is flourishing in stopping the attacks that we neglect most of the time.

Not only this, Metaspoilt can be practiced on networks, applications, servers, etc. It has a command-line and GUI clickable interface, operates on Apple Mac OS X, operates on Linux and Microsoft Windows.

Features of Metasploit:-

  • Third-party import
  • Manual brute forcing
  • Basic command-line interface
  • Website penetration testing


VAPT Tools

Wireshark is an open-source system analyzer and moderator, and it has a modernized feature that allows you to monitor what is being done on your system network.

Not only this, in fact, this model is for corporate control and small companies. While apart from all these things, Wireshark is also being practiced by educational institutes and government agencies. 

Hence, its community was commenced in 1998 by Gerald Combs, thus, you can download it from Wireshark.

Fundamentally, it is a network package analyzer- which presents every instant detail about your network protocols, decryption, packet knowledge, etc.

As we said before that it is open-source and can be practiced on Linux, Windows, OS X, Solaris, NetBSD, FreeBSD, and various other systems.

And importantly the information that is recovered via this tool can be observed through a GUI or the TTY mode TShark Utility.

If you’re a beginners in Wireshark, you can learn the complete Advanced level Wireshark Network Analysis course online from leading E-learning platform Ethical hackers Academy

Features of Wireshark:-

  • Rich VoIP analysis
  • Live capture and offline analysis
  • Captured documents packed with gzip and can be decompressed easily
  • Shading principle can be applied to the parcel list for a fast investigation


VAPT Tools

NMAP, an abstraction of Network Mapper, that is a completely free and open-source tool for monitoring your IT systems for a series of vulnerabilities.

Thus, NMAP is beneficial at mastering different tasks, including the complying host or administration uptime and producing mapping of network attack surfaces. 

The NMAP retains running on all the important working frameworks and is flexible for checking both large and small networks.

NMAP is harmonious with all of the primary operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Macintosh.

While including this utility, you can experience the various properties of any outside network as well like the hosts obtainable on the network, the set of the framework running, and the type of various channels or firewalls that are fixed up.

Features of NMAP:-

  • Post scanning
  • Version detection
  • OS detection
  • Host discovery

Burp Suite

VAPT Tools

Burp Suite is a graphical tool for testing Web application security. This tool is basically composed in Java and acquired by PortSwigger Web Security.

This tool has three versions: a Community Edition that can be downloaded for free without any charge, a Professional Edition and an Enterprise Edition that can be obtained after a trial session. 

Well, the Community edition has significantly decreased functionality, thus, it aims to present a complete solution for web application protection checks.

In extension to primary functionality, such as a proxy server, scanner, and intruder, the tool also includes more liberal options such as a spider, a repeater, a decoder, a comparer, an extender, and a sequencer.

Thus the Burp Suite is a successful tool for monitoring the security of online applications. As it includes different devices that can be employed for achieving peculiar security tests, including mapping the attack surface of the application, reviewing solicitations and results happening between the program and goal servers, and checking applications for possible threats.

Moreover, the Burp Suite comes in both a free and paid version. The free one has primary manual devices for transferring out monitoring exercises. Thus, you can go for the paid version which also requires the web-testing capabilities.

Features of Burp Suite:-

  • Analyze random application data
  • Configure details of your organization
  • Give access to your team
  • Schedule scan and view the result


VAPT Tools

Next, we have the Nessus, it is another vulnerability-finding tool, but it’s also a paid tool. It’s very straightforward to practice and anyone can easily use it.

Therefore, you can utilize it for evaluating your network, which will provide you a complete summation of the vulnerabilities in your network. This tool is Prominent vulnerabilities, as it specifically includes misconfiguration errors, common passwords, and open ports.

Moreover, there are nearly 27,000 organizations that are using it worldwide. Thus, it has three versions, the initial one is free and has some features, with only primary level assessments.

Hence, we recommend you go for the paid edition if you can get so that your network or system will be suitably protected corresponding to cyber threats.

Features of Nessus:

  • Smart service recognization
  • Non-destructive
  • Full SSL support
  • Multiple services


VAPT Tools

Indusface allows manual Penetration testing and automatic scanning to identify and report vulnerabilities based on the OWASP Top 10 and SANS Top 25.

Thus we can say that the Indusface Web Application Firewall is the industry’s only completely controlled web application firewall that presents comprehensive protection.

Moreover, Indusface’s Total Application Security appears with an integrated scanner and WAF, which helps an organization to distinguish vulnerabilities and get them quickly repaired at WAF by commands written by Indusface’s security specialists.

Features of Indusface:-

  • Pause and resume feature.
  • Manual PT and automated scanner report displayed on the same dashboard.
  • Detect risk continuously.
  • Crawler scans a single page application.


VAPT Tools

Acunetix connects its penetration testing methods with its vulnerability scanner to produce constant automated threat exposure for web pages. Therefore, this system scans websites built via HTML5, JavaScript, and RESTful APIs to root out security vulnerabilities. The service also examines outside sources of code, such as content administration and delivery system, WordPress. 

Therefore, penetration testing methods in the package insert SQL injection and cross-site scripting. Thus the security reports generated by the tool are obedient with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and ISO/IEC 27001 standards. Thus, if you do have a web development team, and your site covers a lot of custom code. You will be capable of mixing Acunetix into your development administration support system. 

Thus the detection system forms a part of the testing software of fresh code and will provide a list of loopholes, incompetence, and vulnerabilities as a sequence of its testing methods, sending recommendations on developments back into the project management system. Hence, the Acunetix system is possible for an on-premises installation or as a cloud service.

Features of Acunetix:-

  • Compatible with WAFs and the ability to integrate with SDLC.
  • Scan a hundred pages continuously.
  • Ability to acess 4500+ vulnerabilities type.


Canvas is one of the trusted security assessment VAPT Tools that provides penetration testing and opposed attack simulations to be accompanied by security professionals.

Therefore, there are many customers who currently take benefit of the technology within CANVAS to correctly understand vulnerability and manage risk.

Acknowledged as the best of class attack framework, CANVAS takes distributed computer and network exploitation to the next level. 

Thus after applying CANVAS to negotiate systems strongly, users can take screenshots, download password credentials, manage the target files system, and upgrade privileges.

Hence, users can stealthily jump within target systems and target entire geographic regions.

Basically, the Canvas is a popular vulnerability exploitation tool from Dave Aitel’s ImmunitySec.

It basically covers more than 370 ventures and is less valuable than Core Impact or the commercial versions of Metasploit. It appears with full source code, and hardly even covers zero-day exploits. 

Features of Canvas:-

  • Web-standard browser
  • LTI integration
  • Customizable content
  • Integrated learning materials
  • Recording and uploading of audio and video

Social-Engineer Toolkit

The Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET) is particularly created to perform radical attacks toward the human element and one of the most used VAPT Tools for social engineering attacks.

Basically, the SET was written by David Kennedy (ReL1K), and with a lot of guidance from the community, it has consolidated attacks never before seen in an exploitation toolset.

Thus the attacks built into the toolkit are created to be targeted and converged on attacks upon a person or organization used during a penetration test. 

It has been exhibited at large-scale conventions, including Blackhat, DerbyCon, Defcon, and ShmooCon.

Thus, with over two million downloads, it is the symbol for social-engineering penetration tests and promoted heavily within the security community.

As we said earlier, it has over 2 million downloads and is intended at leveraging superior technological attacks in a social-engineering type atmosphere. 

TrustedSec concludes that social-engineering is one of the most difficult attacks to protect toward, and now one of the most widespread.

Thus the toolkit has been featured in a number of books, including the number one bestseller in protection books for 12 months.

Features of Social-Engineer toolkit:

  • Spear-Phishing Attack Vectors
  • Website Attack Vectors
  • Create a Payload and Listener
  • Wireless Access Point Attack Vector
  • Powershell Attack Vectors


Sqlmap is an open-source penetration testing tool, it basically automates the whole method of detecting and utilizing SQL injection defects.

Thus, it occurs with many exposure engines and features for an ideal penetration test. Thus, SQLMap is open-source software that is utilized to detect and exploit database vulnerabilities and presents options for injecting ill-disposed codes within them. 

Thus this software is run at the command line and is accessible to download for various operating systems such as Linux distributions, Windows, and Mac OS operating systems.

Moreover, in addition to mapping and detecting vulnerabilities, the software allows access to the database, editing and deleting data, and seeing data in tables such as users, passwords, backups, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, credit cards, and other private and delicate information.

Features of SQLMap:-

  • Allow direct connection to the database without passing via a SQL injection.
  • Full support for SQL injection method.
  • Support to dump database tables entirely or specific columns.
  • Automatic recognization of the password.


Basically, nowadays, cyberattacks are increasing rapidly, therefore, it’s very important to choose the best VAPT tool for protecting your website.

Well, that actually depends on your specific needs. All the above-mentioned tools have their own intensities and advantage based on the types of users they are catering to. 

Thus, some are committed to a specific task, while others try to be more comprehensive in range. As such, you should opt for a tool as per your specifications.

If you want to assess your entire system, then Metasploit or Nmap would be amongst the best fits. While Acunetix is also a solid choice for browsing web applications.

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