Beware!! State-Sponsored Hackers are using COVID-19 Lures to Steal Google Account Credentials

State-sponsored hackers are continuously using COVID-19 pandemic to lure users simply to steal the Google Accounts credentials and sensitive data.

As the security experts of Google warned globally each and every user and the authorities who are managing global health crisis on Wednesday about luring Spam, ‘phishing,’ and malware attacks

Currently, the whole world is lockdown for the deadly COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic, and right now, people are simply using their smartphones, laptops, and other digital devices simply to stay connected and remotely work from home.

As the global health crisis caused by the deadly COVID-19 pandemic is perceived as an opportunity for hacker groups that are sponsored by government organizations.

Countries that targeted by state Government sponsored hackers

Google has reported that a dozen of hacker groups are continually taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic simply to steal essential data by performing phishing and malware attacks against authorities who are managing global health crisis caused by the disease COVID-19 pandemic.

Government-backed Attackers Are Using COVID-19 To Steal Google Account Credentials

Here’s what the Shane Huntley of Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG), who tracks cybersecurity threats on the internet have reported: “A notable campaign targeted personal accounts of US government employees, paid for by the government, with ‘phishing’ messages that appeared to have been sent by COVID-19-related fast-food franchises”.

Moreover, Shane Huntley of Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) also added that “Some emails offer free meals or discount coupons as well, while others simply redirect them to said online ordering sites, that are specially designed fake pages to get the Gmail usernames of those who click on the links.”

In short, the state-sponsored hackers are simply using specially designed fake websites and e-mails, which appeared to be sent by legitimate organizations like banks, multinationals, food chains simply to hack into the personal Google accounts of the employees and authorities of healthcare organizations.

Phishing attack related to WHO

According to the investigation done by Google’s TAG (Threat Analysis Group), hackers are mainly hitting the big organizations like the WHO (World Health Organization), its regional allies and the Government employees simply to obtain detailed data about the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Now many of you might be wondering, which government organizations and countries are involved behind these cyber attacks? The fact is that there is no detail is mentioned about this subject in this report. 

Measures to stay safe online during the COVID-19 crisis

  • Keep your smartphones, computers, and laptops updated.
  • Always think before clicking any suspicious links.
  • Always keep your eyes on your privacy settings.
  • Always make secure video conferences.
  • Use VPNs while working from home.
  • Beware of fake news and information.

Apart from this, Google recently launched a $200,000 COVID-19 Vulnerability Research Aid Fund simply to help and support the broader community of security researchers, and in return, they can help Google in identifying the several vulnerabilities.

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