Gmail Blocks 18 Million COVID-19 Themed Phishing and Malware Campaign in A Week

Recently, the tech giant Google has announced that it has blocked around 18 million malware and phishing emails recited to COVID-19 each day in the past week, serving approximately 20% of the “more than 100 million” phishing Emails.

Furthermore, this doesn’t hold the 240 million coronavirus-related spam reports that its automatic modes have separated every day. However, Google is accommodating its machine-learning standards for Gmail safety to fight with various scammers, cybercriminals, and state-sponsored actors. Thus hackers are employing fear across the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic in phishing email interventions. 


Google also stated that hackers are attempting to take benefit of email users by representing government executives like the WHO and obtaining on less reliable remote work setups. 

Phishing Attacks Adapted to Use COVID-19 lures

Google stated that “they have successfully set up proactive monitoring in the area for COVID-19-associated malware and phishing over their systems and workflows. As in some situations, these threats are not so new, as they’re existing malware campaigns that have just been updated to utilize the intensified concentration on COVID-19”. 

And they also stated that as soon as they recognize a threat, they join it to the Safe Browsing API, which preserves users in Chrome, Gmail, and every other interracial product. However, “Safe Browsing helps preserve over four billion devices every day at a time by bestowing notifications to users when they strive to navigate to vulnerable sites or download unsafe files.”

Last week Microsoft also announced that the volume of coronavirus-themed interventions hasn’t expanded from the beginning of 2020, but, somewhat, threat characters have repurposed the foundation utilized in other attacks in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, phishing and scams are increasing during the pandemic as hackers seem to exploit people’s concerns encompassing the virus. As the Federal Trade Commission stated, it has acquired more than 15,000 coronavirus-related customer charges of deception and scams so far in 2020, which is amounting nearly $12 million as a disadvantage for Americans.

Security Measures for Users and Admins

As per the information, Google Suite admins can perform a sequence of Google-recommended protection for excellent phishing and malware protection. Moreover, you may also prefer to allow the security sandbox in Google Suite Enterprise and also for Education contexts as well.

However, users likewise can take a lot of measures that will help them further to mitigate COVID-19 themed threats, not only this, but the tech giant Google also highlights the point that they should:-

  • Evade downloading files that you don’t acknowledge; rather, use Gmail’s built-in document analysis.
  • Verify the sincerity of URLs before administering login credentials or agreeing with a link.
  • Perform a Security Checkup to enhance your account protection.
  • Think about entering in Google’s APP (Advanced Protection Program).
  • Evade and report any phishing emails.

Not only this but nowadays, hackers are further targeting firms that might be relying on a more limited IT foundation among remote work surroundings. Well, cybersecurity researchers at Proofpoint announced that they’ve observed an essential high in marketing email scams and utilizing the coronavirus to attempt to steal data.

The senior director of threat research and detection, Sherrod DeGrippo, stated that the criminals had assigned fluctuations of emails that have extended from a dozen to above 200,000 at a time, hence, a lot of operations are increasing.

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BALAJI is an Ex-Security Researcher (Threat Research Labs) at Comodo Cybersecurity. Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder - Cyber Security News & GBHackers On Security.