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Mobile Threats shifts Towards Banking Trojans

Beware – Mobile Threats shifts Towards Banking Trojans and Adware

Recently in the Mobile Malware Evolution 2020, the very famous cybersecurity company Kaspersky has reported the prevailing mobile threat landscape and recognizes 2021 mobile...
Malware App on Google Play

New Malware App on Google Play With Over 20 Million Downloads

Recently the cybersecurity experts at Dr. Web antivirus reported that over 20 million devices have recently downloaded a highly successful new category of activity-tracking...
Raspberry Robin Malware

Raspberry Robin Malware Attacks Against Telecom and Government Sectors

Trend Micro researchers noticed Raspberry Robin in recent attacks on telecommunications service providers and government networks. The Raspberry Robin malware is now dropping a...
Malware Analysis Tools

5 Best Free Malware Analysis Tools to Break Down the Malware Samples – 2023

The malware analysis tools simply allow us to know in a quick and effective way, what actions a threat makes in the system. In...
Legitimate Android Apps

New Dark Web Website Allows Hackers to Embed Malware to Legitimate Android Apps

ThreatFabric's researchers found ‘Zombinder’, a third-party darknet service that was used to bind malware payloads to legitimate Android applications.  In order to deceive users into installing...
Bot Protection Software

10 Best Bot Protection Software – 2023

Bot protection software or bot mitigation software plays a vital role in protecting websites and web apps from malicious traffic. A ‘bot’ (short for robot),...
Malware Hijack Chrome Browser

New ChromeLoader Malware Hijack Chrome Browser to Steal Credentials

There is a malicious Chrome browser extension known as ChromeLoader that classified as a pervasive browser hijacker caught that modifies the browser settings to...
Malicious Android Apps

Android Apps With Millions of Installation Redirect Users to Weaponized Websites

It seems that the Google app store has still not been able to catch malicious applications, as they are still being listed there. In...
Hackers Heavily Use Minecraft Game

Hackers Heavily Use Minecraft Game to Lure Players into Installing Malware

Cybercriminals use Minecraft to lure unsuspecting players into installing malware on their computers, as it is the most frequently abused game title by them. Kaspersky...
Fake Internet Download Manager Extension

Fake Internet Download Manager Extension for Google Chrome has Over 200,000 Users

An extension called Internet Download Manager, which is a piece of the adware has been installed by more than 200,000 Google Chrome users. As far...