What is Malware

Malware is a software or malicious code that is specifically designed for gaining access to an end-user machine or network. Attackers try to steal the data /information, damage devices and for making money by compromising the victim’s device.

Types of Malware?

  1. Virus: Virus is a type of programming that can copy itself onto machines. It performs suspicious tasks, destroys the data, corrupts the files. The Virus shows up as an executable file (.exe).

2. Trojan: It is one of the most common malware that is hidden in legitimate software. Once it is established in the PC, attackers access the information such as credentials, system details, banking details and more. It also enables attackers to modify the victim’s data and it automatically turn-off anti-malware protection.

3. Spyware:  Spyware is a kind of software that is used as a spy camera. It works in the hidden background and trying to steal people’s personal data such as password, credit card number, bank details and many more. Most of the parents use this software /tool to check their kid’s activities and sometimes monitor their internet activity.

4. Worms: Worm is a type of malware that infects all the entire network, local or across the region.  Attackers used to gain access to end-user devices. It spread through one machine to another.


5. Ransomware: This type of malware encrypt user’s information by sending them email attachments. The Machine displays some pop-up window and lock the user’s machine and ask them for some ransom. Attackers trick the victim by sending them malicious attachments as a legitimate file and after clicking on that file, it locks down the computer or the files and it threatens the victim to remove all important documents and ask for some ransom money.

6. Adware: This is the most common type of attack Or we can say the easiest way to make money. The easy way for malware to come in your device by clicking on pop-up window advertisements. Pop-ups are totally irritating.


To remove malware from your device, Use anti-malware software, generally known as antivirus. We can use advanced antivirus tools too to remove malware.


With regard to malware, prevention is always better than cure.

  • The device should be up-to-date
  • Software should be patched. 

Most easiest way to protect your devices are “ Don’t click on any link “ , “Don’t download /install any unwanted software’s “ , “ Don’t access suspicious URLs “, “ Use Ad-blockers “.

BALAJI is a Former Security Researcher (Threat Research Labs) at Comodo Cybersecurity. Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder - Cyber Security News & GBHackers On Security.



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