Reddit Massive Hack – Multiple Subreddits Compromised Posting pro-Trump Messages

Recently, Reddit suffered a massive hack, in which several subreddits were compromised, posting pro-Trump messages. The subreddits that were hacked also include famous r/space and r/food along with 17 and 19 million subscribers sequentially.

The spokesperson of Reddit affirmed that the organization was reviewing the whole matter, but the references resembled to be “compromised moderator reports.” 

Here, the threat actors clasped down those accounts when they are restoring the subreddits. Apart from this, an allegedly hijacked Twitter account has claimed the credit for this hack, but in that case, the users got rejected as they have not provided proper evidence of the hack. 

The threat actors had utilized the pro-Trump messages all over the page. But, security experts have noticed that rather than pro-Trump messages, the threat actors also posted a MAGA missive in several cases from the moderator’s account with the title “We Stand With Donald Trump #MIGA2020.”

Impacted subreddits

The subreddits that are impacted by this hack are mentioned below:-

  • r/NFL
  • r/CFB (Canadian Football League)
  • r/TPB (The Pirate Bay’s Reddit channel)
  • r/BlackMirror (TV show)
  • /r/Buffy (TV show)
  • r/Avengers (Movie franchise)
  • r/Vancouver (city)
  • r/Dallas (city)
  • r/Plano (city)
  • r/Japan
  • r/Gorillaz (music band)
  • r/Podcasts
  • /r/Disneyland
  • r/49ers (NFL team)
  • /r/BostonCeltics (NBA team)
  • r/Leafs (Toronto Mapple Leafs)
  • /r/EDM (electronic dance music channel)
  • /r/Food
  • r/Beer
  • r/Renting
  • r/Lockpicking
  • r/Subaru (car maker)
  • r/freefolk (Game of Thrones fan channel)
  • r/Space
  • r/ISS
  • r/DestinyTheGame (video game)
  • r/LawSchool
  • r/StartledCats
  • r/TheDailyZeitgeist
  • r/Supernatural
  • /r/Naruto
  • /r/RupaulsDragRace
  • r/GRE
  • r/GMAT
  • r/greatbritishbakeoff
  • r/11foot8
  • r/truecrimepodcasts
  • r/comedyheaven
  • r/weddingplanning
  • r/Chadsriseup
  • r/BertStrips
  • r/KingkillerChronicle (book series)
  • r/PoliticalDiscussion
  • r/MadLads
  • r/DNDMemes
  • r/woodpaneled
  • r/telescopes
  • r/WeAreTheMusicMakers
  • r/DeTrashed
  • r/Samurai8
  • r/3amjokes
  • r/ANGEL
  • r/PhotoshopBattles
  • r/Animemes
  • r/comedyheaven/
  • r/awwducational
  • r/gamemusic
  • r/hentaimemes
  • r/ShitAmericansSay
  • r/ShitPostCrusaders
  • r/SweatyPalms
  • r/Locklot
  • r/BadHistory
  • r/CrewsCrew/
  • r/ListenToThis
  • r/PokemonGOBattleLeague
  • r/FacingTheirParenting
  • r/TwoSentenceHorror
  • r/BookSuggestions
  • r/FreezingFuckingCold/
  • r/woof_irl
  • r/BurningAsFuck
  • r/ImagineThisView
  • r/AnotherClosetAtheist
  • r/CasualTodayILearned
  • r/ShowerBeer
  • r/TookTooMuch
  • r/DallasProtests/
  • r/BannedFromClubPenguin
  • r/creepyPMs
  • r/RedditDayOf
  • r/AquaticAsFuck
  • r/HeavyFuckingWind/
  • r/BlackPeopleTwitter
  • r/HuskersRisk
  • r/Fireteams/
  • r/LuxuryLifeHabits
  • r/IRLEasterEggs
  • r/nononono
  • r/nonononoyes
  • r/ThatsInsane 

Reddit Moderators Advised

According to report, several Reddit accounts are being hijacked, and the moderators have recommended some advice that are to be followed by the account holders to keep themselves safe and secure from all unsudden hacks like this. 

  • The Reddit moderators are encouraged users to inquire for the following signs to monitor for account trade-off.
  • Keep an eye on your email in case if you get an email warning that the password and email address on your account got replaced.
  • Track for the changes, like if you see any approved apps on your profile that you don’t recognize.
  • Check, in case if you notice strange IP history on your account exercise page.
  • Keep an eye on other activities, if you notice any votes, posts, comments, or reduction actions that you don’t recognize or any particular messages that you don’t remember assigning.

Reddit asserted that they are still investigating the whole matter, and they concluded by saying that they are sending a warning to all affected account holders. 

In short, they are assisting the accounts holders in getting account access back. Luckily, many accounts have been rescued till now, and the company is still trying to get as many as accounts they can.

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