Twitter Hack – Three Men Charged Including 17-Yr Old “MasterMind”

Recently, the authorities of Florida have charged three men; 19-year old, 22-year old, and a 17-year old boy who has been the mastermind of the recent Twitter hack that occurred on July 15, 2020. 

The authorities claimed that they have been running a scheme that specifically targeted the accounts of celebrities that includes the previous president, Barack Obama, Elon Musk, and many other well-known figures.

The U.S. Department of Justice has revealed the name of all the three hackers; they were using another name for this conflict. They disguise as Mason Sheppard, aka “Chaewon,” 19, he is from the United Kingdom, another one was Nima Fazeli, aka “Rolex,” 22, he is from Florida. 

But the name of Mastermind, who was 17-yr old is still unknown. So, he has been accredited this week with plotting and planning to perpetrate wire fraud, not only this; he plotted to commit money laundering and the deliberate access of a preserved computer system.

But after taking the juvenile in charge, the WFLA channel of Florida has confirmed that the name of the teen mastermind was Graham Clark of Tampa Bay, and it has also been revealed in press meetings by the U.S department. 

According to the reports, the 17-yr old Clark has been arrested on Friday, the authorities have claimed that he has hacked dozens of Twitter accounts of well-known celebrities. His team has done the whole hijacking of all accounts as a part of a cryptocurrency scam.

After arresting Clark, the Attorney of Hillsborough state, Andrew Warren registered nearly 30 charges upon the 17-year-old, Graham Clark, and he also stated that he was the main “mastermind” behind this Twitter hack. 

Another two were accused of helping Clark to carry out this whole operation. Although, in one of the press conferences, Mr. Warren said that Clark was not facing governmental charges at this very point and the prosecution is investigating the whole matter as the law of Florida enables affability while contesting minors. 

Clark has been claimed with several charges, and he has been charged with one coordinated scam over $50,000, 17 communications fraud over $300, one count on false use of personal information over $100,000 or 30, or there may be more victims. 

Not only this, ten scams for false use of personal information, and one scam of obtaining a computer or electronic device without prior authorization. That’s why Twitter has revealed that nearly 130 high -profile accounts of well know celebrities have been hacked. 

Twitter said in one of their reports that the threat actor has used a phone to operate “spear phishing attack” to deceive Twitter workers into converting all information that helped the attackers to get access to internal systems. 

But, none of the private data involved a current or previous U.S. elected official. However, Twitter has reset the password of 130 accounts, and they have significantly restricted access to their internal tools and systems. 

Apart from all these things, Twitter also affirmed that they are limiting access until they can safely resume regular operations.

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