LinkedIn's new Security Feature

LinkedIn added three new security features which allow its users to spot fake profiles and malicious use of the platform, including a new method to verify identity.

The company has been dealing with a lot of fake users and spammers on its users. Hence the platform is rolling out new features to verify their authenticity, actively hunt for fakes using AI and notify users when they receive suspicious messages.


How Does the Feature Work?

LinkedIn added a new feature called the ‘About this profile’ section, which gives more insight into when the user created their profile if the holder has verified their number, and if they linked a work email.

The new 'About this profile' section
The new ‘About this profile’ section

That will help to determine whether it’s a real person looking to connect, or a scammer seeking to steal your info, which has become a more prominent issue in recent times.

In this case, cybercriminals have to invest unrealistic amounts of time maintaining and operating a fake account that has an authentic creation date. Having no access to a corporate email from the impersonated company, it would be tough for threat actors to validate their accounts as authentic.

“Our new deep-learning-based model proactively checks profile photo uploads to determine if the image is AI-generated using cutting-edge technology designed to detect subtle image artifacts associated with the AI-based synthetic image generation process without performing facial recognition or biometric analyses.” – LinkedIn

The company’s next step is to use AI to grab accounts using AI-generated images as profile photos to give a false sense of authenticity.

In addition, LinkedIn shows warnings when a chat participant offers to take communications outside the platform.

New warning served to users
New warning served to users

Reports say the victims are convinced to download an IM clone, which installs a modified version of a communication app along with spyware.

Thus, LinkedIn’s been working to update its security tools and this new feature could be an additional measure to help you determine who you should connect with, and who you should avoid in the app.

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