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Introduction :

The Cloud Access Security Broker serves as a gatekeeper for organizations, assisting them in keeping track of and safely utilizing cloud services while ensuring that network traffic complies with their security guidelines and standards.

Customers can see the use of cloud applications across various platforms due to these outstanding tools for data security.

Identifying the actors who pose a threat can stop a security breach threat.

CASBs use auto-discovery to determine the various risk factors that could have an impact on an organization as well as the currently in use cloud applications.

They safeguard organizations through firewalls, authentication, and data loss prevention and are made to be both vigilant and proactive.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) environments are all compatible with a CASB’s capacity to address security flaws. 

Using CASBs (cloud access security brokers) is required to maintain visibility over data that has escaped the reach of on-premises tools due to the risk of data leakage in the cloud.

What are the four pillars of CASB?

Like a firewall, a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) enables an organization to extend security control outside its network boundaries.

The top analyst firm Gartner has divided the various CASB functionalities into 4 pillars, namely, 

VisibilityUsing CASBs (cloud access security brokers) is required to maintain visibility over data that has escaped the reach of on-premises tools due to the risk of data leakage in the cloud.
Threat ProtectionThe CASB provides a variety of alerts that inform the IT department about threats discovered inside the business based on user behavior.
Data SecurityCASB provides pre-built tools for monitoring access to cloud-based data storage. Various parameters, including location, IP address, browser, operating system, and device, can be controlled for access.
ComplianceIgnoring the issues can result in risky and expensive breaches, as these compliance standards are designed to ensure the safety of personal and corporate data. 

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What are the four pillars of CASB?
10 Best Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Software – 2024
1.DoControl CASB
2.Microsoft Cloud APP Security
3.Forcepoint CASB
4.Palo Alto Networks
5.Bitglass CASB
6.Broadcom Symantec CloudSOC
7.Lookout CASB
8.Proofpoint CASB
9.Netskope Security Cloud Platform
10.Trend Micro Cloud App Security
11.Cisco Cloudlock
Cloud Access Security Broker Key Features
Frequently Asked Questions
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10 Best Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Software – 2024

  • DoControl CASB
  • Microsoft Cloud APP Security
  • Forcepoint CASB
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Bitglass CASB
  • Broadcom Symantec CloudSOC
  • Lookout CASB
  • Proofpoint CASB
  • Netskope Security Cloud Platform
  • Trend Micro Cloud App Security
  • Cisco Cloudlock

Cloud Access Security Broker Key Features

Cloud Access Security BrokerKey Features
1. DoControl CASB1. Discovery and Visibility
2. Monitor and Control
3. Automated Remediation
4. Complete asset inventory
2. Microsoft Cloud APP Security1. Discovery and visibility of cloud app usage
2. Cloud app risk assessment
3. Data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities
4. Compliance monitoring and reporting
5. Integration with existing security infrastructure
3. Forcepoint CASB1. Real-time policy enforcement
2. Threat protection and advanced threat intelligence
3. Compliance monitoring and reporting
4. Integration with existing security infrastructure
4. Palo Alto Networks1. Data protection
2. Threat protection
3. Compliance enforcement
4. Visibility and Control
5. Shadow IT discovery
6. Data loss prevention (DLP)
7. User behavior analytics
5. Bitglass CASB1. Data protection
2. Threat protection
3. Compliance enforcement
4. Visibility and Control
5. Shadow IT discovery
6. Data loss prevention (DLP)
7. User behavior analytics
6. Broadcom Symantec CloudSOC1. Data protection
2. Threat protection
3. Compliance enforcement
4. Visibility and Control
5. Shadow IT discovery
6. Data loss prevention (DLP)
7. User behavior analytics
8. Integration with security solutions
9. Incident Response and forensics
10. Compliance reporting
7. Lookout CASB1. Discovery and visibility of cloud app usage
2. Cloud app risk assessment
3. Data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities
4. Integration with existing security infrastructure
8. Proofpoint CASB1. Discovery and visibility of cloud app usage
2. Threat detection and response
3. Access controls and policy enforcement
4. Compliance monitoring and reporting
5. Incident Investigation and forensics
6. Integration with existing security infrastructure
9. Netskope Security Cloud Platform1. Access controls and policy enforcement
2. Compliance monitoring and reporting
3. Incident Investigation and Forensics
4. Integration with existing security infrastructure
10. Trend Micro Cloud App Security1. Access controls and policy enforcement
2. Compliance monitoring and reporting
3. Incident Investigation and Forensics
4. Integration with existing security infrastructure
11. Cisco Cloudlock1. Data protection
2. Threat protection
3. Compliance enforcement
4. Visibility and Control
5. Shadow IT discovery
6. Data loss prevention (DLP)
7. User behavior analytics

1. DoControl CASB

DoControl CASB

Protecting data kept in the cloud from intruders and other dangers is the job of DOControl, a CASB.

By integrating with your SaaS apps, DoControl offers you complete visibility over your company’s data, along with context and ways to fix any issues.

Users and information security teams can move the company ahead with the correct safeguards in place.

All cloud apps, permitted and unapproved, throughout the whole IT infrastructure are visible in the DoControl CASB system’s comprehensive image.

It provides both automated and manual solutions to mitigate cloud application risk, and it monitors and displays that risk continuously.

Additionally, it complies with all regulations on cloud control and access to sensitive information.

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Visibility: Offers insights into cloud usage, users, and data.
  • Data Security: Monitors and controls sensitive data across cloud services.
  • Threat Protection: Identifies and mitigates threats in real time.
  • Compliance: Helps organizations meet regulatory and compliance standards.
  • Access Control: Ensures only authorized users have access to specific data.

DoControl CASB: Trial/Demo

2. Microsoft Cloud APP Security

Cloud Access Security Broker
Microsoft Cloud APP Security

One cloud access security broker (CASB) that works well with many prominent services is Microsoft Cloud App Security. These services include AWS, Dropbox, G Suite, Google Cloud, Salesforce, and many more.

In order to safeguard a company’s cloud assets from both external and internal mishaps and threats, it collects and reports on all the critical data that IT administrators need.

Built with security experts in mind, Microsoft Cloud Apps Security works in tandem with other leading Microsoft products.

Easy deployment, full visibility, centralized management, advanced analytics, and state-of-the-art automation are all features of cloud apps.

When you utilize Microsoft Cloud App Security as a CASB, it adds another safeguard to all of your company’s SaaS apps.

With Microsoft Cloud App Security, you can quickly monitor app activity and gain insight into your whole network.

More than 16,000 apps will have their risk assessed automatically using a method that takes 80 risk indicators into account.

Microsoft Cloud App Security centralizes the organization’s comprehensive SaaS app data into a single dashboard.

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Know what private data is, put it into groups, and keep it safe while it’s at rest.
  • It lets you quickly stop activity that is a security risk.
  • The Shadow IT Discovery CAS can help you find out what cloud apps, IaaS, and PaaS services your business use.
  • You can control your cloud apps in real time by using rules that have already been set up and automated processes.
  • Make rules from the dashboard to make sure that users can safely use compliant apps.

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What is Good?What Could Be Better?
Visibility into Cloud UsageIntegration Challenges
Shadow IT DiscoveryDeployment and Configuration
Integration with Microsoft 365Integration Challenges
Compliance and GovernanceResource Usage

3. Forcepoint Cloud Access Security Broker

Cloud Access Security Broker
Forcepoint Cloud Access Security Broker

Following Cyberinc and Deep Secure, Bitglass will be Forcepoint’s third technology acquisition in 2021 as the business strives to proactively develop, partner with, and acquire technologies that deliver the market’s best-in-class SASE platform.

Forcepoint CASB provides greater protection for data in cloud apps, allowing your end users to access their preferred apps without restriction.

Trusted to safeguard companies throughout digital transformation and growth, Forcepoint is the leading cybersecurity provider for user and data protection.

Solutions that enable employees to add value by responding to real-time user interactions with the data also provide secure access.

Some methods, like traditional CASBs, have their drawbacks.

However, data centers managed by Forcepoint CASB are designed to autonomously scale up or down in response to changes in workloads.

A private data center is not necessary for hyperscale growth.

Forcepoint CASB employs sophisticated algorithms that are pre-programmed to “fingerprint” devices and learn user behavior in order to detect suspicious data access patterns that may indicate an internal or external threat.

Forcepoint CASB detects regulated or sensitive data saved in OneDrive and ensures compliance with regulations such as PCI, SOX, and HIPAA.

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Assess cloud application utilization, risk, and controls for SaaS and custom apps.
  • Forcepoint CASB can see and control permitted and unauthorized cloud apps.
  • Office 365, AWS, Salesforce, Google Apps, Box, Dropbox, NetSuite, Workday, Microsoft Azure, and others are well-supported.
  • Recognition of incorrect privilege escalation can reduce root account takeover.
  • Monitoring application usage helps maintain compliance, obtain licenses, and save money by reducing idle accounts.
  • Discover, administer, analyze, and defend apps with one solution.
What is Good ? What Could Be Better ?
Cloud Application VisibilityDeployment Time
Shadow IT DiscoveryThird-Party Application Support
User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)Resource Intensiveness
Integration and Extensibility

Demo video

4. Palo Alto Networks

Cloud Access Security Broker
Palo Alto Networks

For network security, go no farther than Palo Alto Networks.

The core product is a platform that includes state-of-the-art firewalls and additional security-related cloud services.

Its next-gen firewalls offer extensive policy management, visibility into apps and material by user rather than IP address, and speeds of up to 10 Gbps without sacrificing performance.

Built with an innovative approach and highly distinct cyberthreat prevention capabilities, their revolutionary security platform offers security that is light years ahead of legacy or point products.

It securely enables day-to-day business operations and protects an organization’s most precious assets.

Palo Alto Networks firewalls are able to detect and manage applications that employ any protocol, port, evasive method, or SSL encryption. Data leakage and threat scanning are additional services they offer.

It provides top-notch protection for your business network, remote workers, and cloud computing with our built-in, cloud-based security features.

Due to the possibility of interface-level implementations, Palo Alto Networks’ next-generation firewall can operate in several deployments concurrently.

Installation of Palo Alto Networks’ next-generation firewalls is possible in nearly any networking environment thanks to the firewalls’ adaptable networking design, which supports dynamic routing, switching, and VPN connectivity.

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Security may be rebuilt with zero trust to fulfill digital transformation goals while reducing risk and complexity.
  • The industry’s first extended detection and response platform helps you converge defenses and combat more threats.
  • Networking and security from the cloud protect your mobile workforce.
  • SASE solutions provide cloud networking and security to scale your business.
  • SOC managers should use analytics, machine learning, and automation to improve reaction times.
  • Protect endpoint, network, and cloud assets from modern assaults.
What is Good ? What Could Be Better ?
URL Filtering and Content InspectionLimited SMB-Focused Offerings
Threat Intelligence SharingResource Intensiveness
Integration with EcosystemLimited SMB-Focused Offerings
Zero Trust and Microsegmentation

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5. Bitglass CASB

Bitglass CASB

Bitglass Next-Gen Cloud Access Security Broker provides end-to-end security for all cloud apps, malware types, device types, and behaviors through autonomous learning and adaptation.

With Bitglass’s top-tier data protection solutions, you can block unwanted external sharing, encrypt data before uploading, prevent data leakage, gain insights into suspicious user activity, and much more.

Bitglass’s SSE (Security Service Edge) is an essential part of a comprehensive SASE solution, and Forcepoint’s commitment to edge security is enhanced by incorporating it.

Bitglass simplifies modern security systems by providing a single policy for all online, cloud, and private data center access.

Bitglass pioneered a data-centric security strategy and is the sole hybrid CASB.

Bitglass safeguards company data from all possible threats and keeps staff informed with its all-encompassing data security approach.

Bitglass assists numerous companies in ensuring the safety and security of their connections, even while workers are working remotely.

The authentication can be set up and monitored by your IT team.

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Bitglass, a cloud access security broker, provides total data protection with single sign-on (SSO), contextual access control, integrated multi-factor authentication, and data leakage prevention.
  • identifies phishing, C&C servers, malware hosts, anonymizers, and “shadow IT” operations.
  • With Bitglass, users may safely access any cloud or local app.
  • When users log into their work email, Bitglass authenticates them.
  • API administration, DLP, access control, user activity analytics, and agentless mobile security are included.
What is Good? What Could Be Better ?
Ease of UseAutomated Response
Mobile SecurityMobile Device Management Complexity
Integration and ExtensibilityScalability Considerations

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6. Broadcom Symantec CloudSOC

Cloud Access Security Broker
Broadcom Symantec CloudSOC

Organizations can securely implement cloud apps and IaaS to meet regulatory compliance needs with CloudSOC, an industry-leading solution that interacts with existing enterprise security.

CloudSOC Audit provides ProxySG and Web Security Service (WSS) with extensive visibility into Shadow IT and controls over it. This includes the ability to execute policies dynamically depending on the latest app intelligence.

CloudSOC’s extensive set of capabilities allows it to address every stage of cloud application security.

Shadow IT audits, safeguarding against data loss and compliance violations in real-time, and analyzing past account activity for incident analysis are all characteristics that fall under this category.

With the help of CASB Gateways and API-based Secrets, CloudSOC monitors cloud activity.

Because of this, they are able to offer policy control and monitoring that is based on machine learning and displayed in dashboards that are easy to grasp.

Integrate your existing security measures with a cloud-based security solution.

With a Symantec CloudSOC solution, you can get better user experience, less operational complexity, and more extensive security coverage.

Policies are put in place to prevent data loss if sensitive information such as personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), source code, and others are detected as being at risk due to user behavior.

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • CloudSOC integrates with Symantec’s enterprise security ecosystem to improve cloud security.
  • CloudSOC-connected information-centric encryption protects essential data automatically, even on the cloud.
  • To respond quickly to a cloud security incident, know how, when, and what happened.
  • Through API interfaces and in-line traffic analysis, authorized SaaS platforms like Office 365, G Suite, Box, Salesforce, and others are monitored and controlled.
  • Easy filters, pivot views, freeform search, and valuable content help you find what you need.
What is Good ? What Could Be Better ?
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)Automation and Orchestration
Access Control and Policy EnforcementEnhanced User Training and Support
Integration and ExtensibilitySimplified Configuration

Demo video

7. Lookout CASB

Cloud Access Security Broker
Lookout CASB

Businesses can make sure that all their cloud apps adhere to the same data security standards and regulations with Lookout’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

All of their vital information is protected in this way.

Due to its extensive feature set that goes beyond simple data matching, Lookout CASB DLP (formerly Lookout CASB) is considered by Gartner and other industry experts to be the best product of its kind.

Furthermore, it is capable of analyzing both structured and unstructured data, as well as fingerprinting documents.

Customers and employees can rest assured that their data is protected and that their connections are secure using Lookout CASB. Their privacy is not at risk, and their trust is not betrayed.

Thanks to Lookout CASB DLP, modern organizations can confidently engage with cloud data in an open and efficient manner, knowing that all compliance and information security standards are being fulfilled.

Data classification, powerful policy engines, secure remote workforce, rapid deployment, user, threat, and configuration management are just a few of the many features.

By using the Lookout CASB, users may prevent data loss, find potentially sensitive material, and recover visibility and control over their online workforce.

To top it all off, Lookout CASB users can block threats from anywhere and make sure their data is compliant with all applicable rules and regulations, both internal and external.

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Lt Lookout CASB centralizes DLP policy management and enforcement for every platform and app.
  • GDPR, PCI, SOX, HIPAA, and other standards have compliance policies.
  • Automatically check your cloud infrastructure and applications for proper configuration.
  • Lookout CASB shows user, endpoint, cloud app, and data interactions.
  • Protects and controls external data via encryption and rights management.
What is Good ? What Could Be Better ?
Cloud Application VisibilityResource Intensiveness
Access ControlsIntegration Challenges
Compliance MonitoringFalse Positives

Demo video

8. Proofpoint CASB

Proofpoint CASB

Data, access controls, and current threats can all be seen at a finer level with Proofpoint Cloud Access Security Broker.

It shows admins the big picture of data usage and the risks that could lead to a data breach.

Proofpoint Cloud App Security Broker (Proofpoint CASB) helps to secure an assortment of applications, including Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, Box, and more.

Their technology makes it easy to deploy cloud services with confidence by providing you with control and visibility over your cloud apps from a people-centric approach.

Proofpoint CASB gives you insight into shadow IT throughout your entire company.

Finding cloud applications, auditing their traffic logs, and categorizing them according to risk level and usefulness are all possible with this tool.

Proofpoint CASB’s combination of user-specific risk indicators with our thorough cross-channel threat intelligence (cloud, email, and more) makes it possible to view user activity and spot anomalies across cloud apps and tenants.

Proofpoint CASB checks for and assesses third-party apps’ and scripts’ OAuth permissions to make sure they don’t get access to your IT-approved key cloud services.

With controls, you can set up rules or set them to run automatically depending on factors like risk score and context.

When users log in to Salesforce using credentials stored in Microsoft Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, or Okta Identity Cloud, the Proofpoint Cloud App Security Broker (CASB) solution can reliably recognize attempts at account takeover.

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Administrators can view security, data loss prevention, and suspicious authentication dashboards.
  • DLP policies should be applied to email, cloud apps, and local files.
  • The CASB should identify malware concerns, block infrastructure and data access, and inform administrators.
  • Proofpoint CASB’s hundreds of DLP classifiers, dictionaries, rules, and templates accelerate PCI, PII, PHI, and GDPR compliance.
  • Identify, evaluate, and manage all third-party add-ons with Proofpoint CASB.
What is Good? What Could Be Better ?
Compliance MonitoringStreamlined Deployment
Integration and ExtensibilityDeeper Cloud Service Coverage
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)Automation and Orchestration
Threat Detection and Protection

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9. Netskope Security Cloud Platform

Netskope Security Cloud Platform

Access cloud services, websites, and private apps from anywhere, on any device, with unmatched visibility and real-time data and threat protection provided by the Netskope Security Cloud, which Netskope Intelligent SSE is built upon.

Netskope is better than other Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) solutions because it constantly checks your public cloud deployments for risks, threats, compliance issues, and data that is not secure. It does this by using API-enabled controls and real-time inline protection.

Learn the ins and outs of NIST CSF, PCI-DSS, CIS configuration checks, cloud benchmarks, best practices, and other industry standards and rules, and do your part to enforce them.

You can simplify reporting and incident response with the given procedures.

You can strengthen your security posture, prevent breaches, and maintain compliance with the help of Netskope, which identifies dangerous cloud service configurations, threats, and sensitive data throughout your whole multi-cloud estate.

Risk exposure, misconfigurations, asset inventory, compliance standard enforcement, malware and insider threat defense, and more may all be addressed with the help of Netskope.

The Netskope Security Cloud facilitates the protection of millions of websites and thousands of SaaS and IaaS services, whether they are permitted or not.

Unlike competing services, Netskope gives you full command over all aspects of your infrastructure from a single, automatically scalable cloud architecture.

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Micro Cloud One Security Services will support and secure your cloud journey.
  • Protects your network from new, undetected, or unknown threats using powerful file feature analysis and predictive machine learning.
  • finds hidden viruses like ransomware in PDF or Office files.
  • Enhance security without burdening IT with software installations, web proxy configurations, device or user settings updates, or email rerouting MX records.
  • All user and administrative features are intact.
What is Good? What Could Be Better ?
Secure Web Gateway (SWG) FeaturesCloud Service Discovery
Integration and ExtensibilityContinuous Updates and Enhancements
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)Vendor Lock-In
Threat Detection and Prevention

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10. Trend Micro Cloud App Security

Cloud Access Security Broker
Trend Micro Cloud App Security

Advanced protection for cloud apps and services is available with Trend Micro Cloud App Security, which improves security with effective enterprise-class threat and data protection control.

To provide superior protection, Cloud App Security forgoes a proxy-based design in favor of an API-based one.

The integration of cloud-to-cloud technologies with secured applications and services ensures high availability and administrative functionality.

Cloud file-sharing services like as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business are mandated to maintain compliance, and Office 365 communications, both internal and external, are protected against advanced malware and other dangers.

By connecting to cloud services, Cloud App Security checks for changes made to protected Salesforce object records, protected mailboxes, secure cloud storage services, and private Teams chat conversations.

Aside from Microsoft Teams, other cloud-based file-sharing and collaboration applications that are subject to compliance enforcement include Salesforce, Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint Online, and Microsoft OneDrive for Business.

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Micro Cloud One Security Services will support and secure your cloud journey.
  • Protects your network from new, undetected, or unknown threats using powerful file feature analysis and predictive machine learning.
  • Finds ransomware in PDF and Office files.
  • Enhance security without burdening IT with software installations, web proxy configurations, device or user settings updates, or email rerouting MX records.
  • All user and administrative features are intact.
What is Good? What Could Be Better ?
Cloud Application VisibilityReporting Limitations
Access Controls and ComplianceDependency on Cloud Connectivity
Integration and ExtensibilityComplex Configuration
User-Friendly Interface

Demo video

11. Cisco Cloudlock

Cisco Cloudlock

Cisco Cloudlock, a CASB that is native to the cloud, helps you safely move to the cloud.

To mitigate threats to your cloud app ecosystem, Cloudlock employs an automated, transparent, and user-friendly method.

Cisco Cloudlock’s data loss prevention (DLP) feature secures and monitors cloud environments for critical data using both pre-configured and highly adjustable custom policies.

Cisco Cloudlock’s potent machine learning algorithms can identify anomalies in actions carried out over long distances or outside of whitelisted nations.

Cloudlock safeguards your identities, data, and apps, protecting you from account hacks, breaches, and the hazards connected with cloud apps.

Cloudlock provides administrators with the highest visibility and immediate practical benefits due to the wide range of platforms it supports.

It is cloud native, deploys fast, and doesn’t mess with end users.

Cisco CloudLock employs cloud-hosted access security brokers to assist businesses in establishing secure system controls. Additionally, alert systems are a part of Cisco CloudLock; they serve as notifications and stop system controllers from messing with company operations.

App Discovery is a paid add-on that uses the available data sources to reveal which SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS cloud apps a customer’s network users have accessed (those that don’t employ an OAuth connection).

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • The community-generated Community Trust Rating can help you determine whether to prohibit or allow apps based on risk.
  • It detects activity beyond the permitted nations and occurrences that appear to occur at impossible speeds across distances.
  • Cloudlock DLP examines cloud environments for sensitive data and protects it.
  • Cisco Cloudlock supports cross-platform UEBA in cloud application settings.
  • If the user doesn’t react, automatically notify them, allow them time to respond, and move the files from their account to a secure location.
What is Good? What Could Be Better?
What is Good? Deployment Time
Visibility into Cloud UsageLearning Curve
User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)Third-Party Application Support
Access Control and Policy Enforcement

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are CASB Tools?

Guaranteeing the security and integrity of data and applications and cloud-based infrastructure requires a powerful cloud access security broker (CASB) solution. 

Organizations must safeguard their data and IT infrastructure against cloud-based threats as the use of cloud-based applications and services increases exponentially. 

Brokers for cloud access security assist companies in defending against security risks and ensuring the security of cloud data.
In order to secure cloud platforms, a three-step discovery, classification, and remediation process is used.

Due to the cost savings, convenience, and support for a distributed workforce, cloud-based applications are becoming increasingly popular among businesses today. Unfortunately, there are numerous security risks associated with using cloud applications.

Traditional perimeter security that protects on-premise applications is usually not enough to protect cloud-based applications. This is why extra security measures like those offered by cloud access security broker solutions are needed.

What would be the Advantage of using a Cloud Services Broker?

It’s crucial to avoid being shackled to a single service provider’s approach that restricts options or hinders interoperability as organizations’ IT architectures become more varied.

Increased flexibility and the ability to aggregate various cloud services are made possible by using a cloud service broker platform built on open application programming interfaces (APIs).

Organizations can take advantage of the collective expertise, certifications, and experiences the broker’s team has accrued working across a variety of infrastructures, applications, and tools by using a seasoned cloud service broker. 

Because they frequently offer their own data centers and collaborate with all major cloud service providers, cloud brokers are able to effectively represent their client’s interests because they have experience working with a wide range of service providers.

Businesses don’t need to look elsewhere for security assistance because cloud service brokers provide superior security and data maintenance as part of their integrated service offerings.

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