Attackers Targeting Amazon Prime Day Shoppers With Malware and Phishing Campaigns

The threat actors are targeting Amazon Prime Dayshoppers with malware and phishing campaigns, as it’s one of the desired retail events, and there are millions of customers who are waiting for Amazon’s annual online shopping events.

Every customer enjoys two days of exclusive sales on everything from Amazon devices like the Echo and Kindle to fashionable furniture. On the other side, many physical retail outlets continue to be closed or complete it with compressed capacity.


Fraudulent sites

According to the cybersecurity experts of the Bolster Research, there are hundreds of millions of web pages that have been tracked, and the number of new phishing and fraudulent sites utilizing the Amazon brand and logos are also increasing at a rapid rate.

Applying a sequence of deep knowledge, natural literature processing, and computer concept, Bolster’s technology recognizes the data. Such as informational versus those that are utilized to assemble all logins, passwords, or credit card data.  

There are a total of three fraudulent sites were detected in this attack, and here they are mentioned below:- 

  • https://jamz47341.uc.r.appspot[.]com/
  • www.amazoncustomersupport[.]net

Stay Safe on “Amazon Prime Day”

There are a few points that have been review by the security researchers, and here we have mentioned all of them below:-

  • Watch for misspellings of Here, the users should always beware of misspellings or sites utilizing a separate top-level domain other than
  • Look for the lock: Users must avoid purchasing something online, explicitly using their payment details from all the website that does not have a secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption installed.
  • Share the bare minimum: Users should not give their private data while purchasing online, as we all know that there is no online shopping retailer who needs your birthday or social security number to do all the business.
  • Before Prime Day, generate a strong password: In case if the hacker successfully hacked your account, then it’s all their game to perform; That’s why always remember to put a password for
  • Don’t go public: Always prefer not to use the public Wi-fi networks while browsing or shopping on Amazon Prime Day. 
  • Aware of “too good to be true” bargains: Bargains are quite challenging to do, as Prime day is all about great deals. So, every user should be aware of the false deals with crazy discounts.
  • Stick to credit cards: On Prime Day, it’s the best decision to use credit cards, as the debit cards are associated directly with the bank accounts, and it increases higher risk in case of any threat actor can hack the user’s data.

So, the cybersecurity researchers affirmed that threat actors could also grip the ‘too-good-to-be-true’ offers, merely using them as a way to hack their victims successfully. 

Even they also noted that throughout this year, they had seen cybercriminals “piggy-backing” on high profile events to make their phishing attacks authentic.

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