Voting Machine Makers Are Finally Let Hackers to Pentest The Voting Machines

Recently, one of the largest dealers of the U.S. voting machine, Eletionsystem and Software had declared that they had initiated the policy to work with security researchers more firmly to obtain software bugs in the company’s IT networks and websites. 

The relation between voting machine organizations and security researchers has been filled. The producers have opposed granting unfettered access for bug hunters; they also affirmed that the long-ranking vulnerabilities had troubled the voting machine models that are being used during the 2000s and 2010s.

But this all-new policy of collaboration has shown that the cold war has meaningfully begun to stop. The new election for the U.S. president is approaching in November, which confers that voting-machine dealers are all set to take the part of the security research center sincerely for assisting in ensuring critical election support. 

The newly released formal policy of ES&S applies to all digital assets that are maintained and managed by ES&S, and it also includes corporate IT networks and public-facing websites.

The vice president of Systems Security and CISO, ES&S, Mr.Chris Wlaschin, said that “the main motive of releasing this new policy is to show that how we’re continuing to operate with security researchers to enhance the election security that is being held in November.”

Pentest Voting Machines

The company affirmed that they had initiated this policy so that they can work along with hackers legally. They will invite hackers to pentest the loopholes and the vulnerabilities that are affecting the election process. 

The main motive of installing the voting machine along with the security team is to extract all the loopholes that are being initiated in the election process. Even the company would focus on one motto only; that is the hackers going to hack and the researchers going to research.

Both the vice president of the Election system and software and the security research team are hoping that their decision to collaborate with this voting machine is going to work efficiently. 

Not only this, but they also think that they will set an example in the election technology business and reinforce continuous movement toward encompassing the security research. 

But there are still many steps that are to be accomplished, according to the vice president of the security research team. The election for the U.S. president is in November, and everyone has high hopes from this voting machine system. In short, everyone is eagerly waiting to see how both companies are going to work together.

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