Things You Should Not Keep In A Daily Planner For Security Reasons

There are so many planners and planning systems on the market and people sometimes reveal too much detail in them. Today we will talk about the top things that CANNOT be stored in planners.

●    Passwords

No matter how good your planner is, never reveal your passwords in them. For all your passwords, it’s best to use secure programs like 1Password, which syncs across all devices. It also creates complex passwords that are extremely difficult to crack. If suddenly you leave your planner unattended for a few minutes, there is a risk that someone unscrupulous will take advantage of this.

●    Specific addresses

Leaving a note in the planners about, say, your home address, you risk becoming a victim of robbery or fraud. Sometimes it is enough for criminals to look at the address to start acting outside the law.

Also, be careful with geotags. This is not only a direct link to your address but also a way to find out your habits, travel routes, and information about where and when you visit.

●    Telephone number

The most harmless thing that a note from a personal phone number threatens is an endless stream of spam calls and messages. Often, accounts on social networks, email, personal accounts in applications, etc. are linked to the phone number. To avoid leakage and loss of important personal data and not to encounter calls from strangers or unpleasant people, do not indicate specific numbers in planners.

Lock your smartphone

Nowadays, almost everyone owns a smartphone, tablet, or both. Your data can be compromised in the event of a single mishap, such as having your device fall out of your pocket or briefcase in a restaurant or while riding the bus. If your smartphone is lost or stolen, you may still take precautions to secure your data, starting with locking it. A layer of security is added when your smartphone is locked since the fraudster must first guess your password in order to access your apps or personal data.

Download secure daily planner – Bordio

When choosing a solution for daily planning, pay attention to the security of the application. Although app stores publish proven developments, it’s better to play it safe.

Bordio is not only a safe solution but also very functional.

The secret of Bordio’s success is partly in the interface – it is simple and straightforward. This is a really convenient application in which you can create a task as soon as it comes to mind – literally with one touch. The cards of each task can be dragged, ordered by priority, and painted in a different color – so you will know exactly which task requires immediate execution, and which can wait a bit.

Each task can be assigned a due date. This way you will know how much time you have left before the completion of a certain task. And if you have a task, but you don’t know when it will be completed, you can put it on the waiting list. Once you find time for it, it’s easy to drag the task to the day of the week when you can fulfill it.

Tasks that you repeat every day or every week can also be customized. So they will automatically appear on the day of the potential execution every week or day.

Bordio also keeps track of the time spent on tasks throughout the day. This way you can see your workload and track your progress.

A huge number of users and businesses use the Bordio service every day to achieve their goals and be productive. In general, this is a very intelligent, well-thought-out application without unnecessary functionality, and most importantly, it is safe.

Final thoughts

Fixing tasks, breaking them down into smaller subtasks, setting reminders – this is the main thing that allows you to put your affairs in order, get rid of the feeling of chaos, restore the ability to concentrate, and, therefore, improve your personal efficiency. Keep it on the safe side: take care of your personal data and stay organized.

Tushar is a Cyber security content editor with a passion for creating captivating and informative content. With years of experience under his belt in Cyber Security, he is covering Cyber Security News, technology and other news.