Largest ASP.NET hosting provider SmarterASP.NET hit by ransomware attack. The company hosts more than 440,000 customers, it was said that all the servers have been encrypted.

It appears the infection started on November 9, 2019, and all the hosted websites including their website went down. Many users started complaining that they are unable to reach the websites are databases.

The company announced that “Your hosting account was under attack and hackers have encrypted all your data. We are now working with security experts to try to decrypt your data and also to make sure this would never happen again.”

After 12 hours of downtime, several servers belong to the company came online again and the users able to reach the databases without any issues.

Having a database is the first step to mitigate the ransomware attacks, this could be an example of it. The company continues to restore the servers and it is still in progress.

Several users appreciated their effort to restore the contents and supported Smarterasp.

The company focus to restore the databases first, which makes several websites online.

With the update provided before an hour, the company confirms that they managed to recover 40% of the affected accounts and the recovery is still in progress.

According to the last update, the company confirms around 80% of the affected accounts have been restored.

The company also said that “we already have experts working on a new system that will prevent such issues from occurring again in the future. We will dedicate all of our time, money and knowledge on this matter so no customers of ours have to face this again.”

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