PM Modi’s Twitter Account Hacked, Asked Followers to Donate via Cryptocurrency

Early on Thursday morning, Twitter confirmed that the Twitter account of Prime minister Narendra Modi got hacked. Twitter also assured that they would take action to secure the account, and they are investigating the whole matter.

Nowadays, Twitter hacks are increasing at an alarming rate, and the public figures are the primary victims who encounter these hacks. Apart from this, here, the hackers have hacked the account of PM Narendra Modi and asked all his followers to donate funds via cryptocurrency.


Celebrity Attacks

As we told earlier that most of the celebrity encounters these Twitter hacks, in July, many celebrities have faced this sudden unwanted situation; the reports say that nearly 130 accounts had been targeted in a massive cyber-attack of celebrity accounts.

Accounts of public figures like Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Kanye West, and Bill Gates tweet a Bitcoin scam to millions of followers. However, the FBI was hired to investigate the whole matter, and rather than this, the accounts of Kim Kardashian West, Apple, and Uber also got hacked.

Hackers’ Origin

According to the researchers, the hackers who have hacked the personal Twitter account of PM Narendra Modi are suspected as the South Korean hacker group. The hackers claimed that they wanted to clear their name from the previous attack, which was wrongly attributed according to them.

On Thursday morning, one of the hackers of the group has been identified as ‘John Wick’, sent various unauthorized tweets that have now been deleted. 

The hacker wrote a message that says, “Yes, this account is hacked by John Wick. We have not hacked PayTM Mall.” This message was sent from one of the hacked accounts that were hacked by this group only.

“Twitter has cleared that the hack of Mr. Narendra Modi’s account was not hacked because they have negotiated with the systems or service. And Twitter also clears that there is not a single indication or evidence of any correlation between this account compromise and the hacked that was happened in July.”

Twitter remarked that this incident makes the situation very obvious that it was a scam, the hackers got hundreds of money transfers, that’s worth more than $100,000 (£75,000). Since the cryptocurrencies are very hard to detect, that’s why the account that was used by the threat actors had quickly been cleared.

Though the account of PM Narendra Modi has been affected by this incident, but, got the account back without any loss. Apart from this, it’s still unclear how the hacker executed all this, and they did not even respond to the question that was asked by Twitter.

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