The new version of OnionShare allows anyone to host and send files anonymously to other users. The previous versions of OnionShare only include “Share Files” and “Receive Files”, bust starting from OnionShare 2.2, “Publish Website” was introduced.

Onionshare was first introduced in 2014, it turns your computer as anonymous dropbox. You can send an receive files anonymously and securely.

OnionShare 2.2 New Features

OnionShare 2.2 enhanced with additional features by its volunteer contributors, the new version includes options to publish a dark web website.

Once you upload the files with OnionShare, it zips the file and starts a local web server on your computer with a .onion link to the website. The .onion link to be accessible from the Tor browser.

Now the website is directly hosted form your computer, by sharing the link people can download the file, at the same time your computer should be online because your computer is the webserver here.

Anonymous dropbox

Hosting the site is relatively simple, all you need is just to drag the files into OnionShare 2.2. Once the files are uploaded just click on publish a website. The published website accessible only through the Tor browser.

“People who visit your website will have no idea who you are – they won’t have access to your IP address, and they won’t know your identity or your location,” reads Micah Lee’s blog post.

The hosting of website methods is the same as the websites on the surface Internet. You need to create an index.html file which is the index page of the website. If the index page is not present then all the files and folders in directories get listed.

Onion Website

While publishing the site there is two option public and private mode. With the private mode, you can set the username and password for the website.

Private Mode

OnionShare 2.2 allows you to see the type of web request people making with your site, you can see that for websites, sharing and receiving files.

Like a normal website, users can browse through folders and download the files they required. There is no difference when compared to a normal website.

The OnionShare 2.2 is available to download from here, also you can found on GitHub.

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