Landry’s Restaurants discloses a security incident that affects customers’ credit card data used in the restaurants. The malware infects some of the payment processing devices used in the restaurant.

Unauthorized Access Detected

The restaurant chain recently detected unauthorized access to its network system that supports payment processing in restaurants and food and beverage outlets.

Further investigation detects a PoS malware that records customer payment card data that was deployed in the payment processing systems.

Landry’s says that payment processing terminals use end-to-end encryption technology, which makes card data unreadable, but some “order-entry systems with a card reader attached for waitstaff to enter kitchen and bar orders and to swipe Landry’s Select Club reward cards.”

The cards which mistakenly swiped in the card reader’s are involved in the breach, also Landry’s confirms that Select Club rewards cards are not involved.

The restaurant chain not provided any details about the type of malware strain and how they gain access to the payment processing systems.

The malware is capable of fetching the details such as cardholder name, card number, expiration date, and internal verification code of the card swiped in the systems.

“Landry’s confirms that cards mistakenly swiped on the order-entry systems may have been accessed is March 13, 2019, to October 17, 2019, and in a small number of locations, access may have occurred as early as January 18, 2019.”

Now Landry’s has identified the malware and removed it, also the company said they implemented enhanced security measures and providing additional training to their waitstaff.

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