Japanese Gaming Company “Capcom” Hit by Ransomware Attack –  1TB  Data Stolen

Capcom, the Japanese video game developer, has recently hit by a cyberattack that affected the company’s all-new operations over the weekend. The researchers asserted that the threat actors had encrypted the company’s servers.

We all know that Capcom is famous for its iconic game franchises, which also includes Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, Mega Man, Onimusha, Dino Crisis, Dead Rising, Sengoku Basara, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Breath of Fire, Ace Attorney, and some other games that are based on Disney animated attributes.

According to the report, the attack took place on Wednesday; they described the attack as an unauthorized attack that was conducted by a third-party. 

However, the company also stated that on November 2, 2020, some of the Capcom Group networks encountered issues that influenced access to specific systems, and it also includes email and file servers.

Ragnar Locker

The cybersecurity researchers affirmed that the ransomware that has been used in the attack was Ragnar Locker. Ragnar Locker is a novel strain that is known for its distributing ransomware payloads via virtual machines. Apart from this, the Ragnar Locker is known for stealing data before encrypting networks. 

The report also claims that the ransomware operator leveraging the Ragnar Locker ransomware variant that is also responsible for the attack that has been done to Capcom. Still, the company has not confirmed the news directly.

1 TB of files were stolen

According to the report, after operating the Ragnar Locker sample, they got access to the ransom note that has been built on Capcom’s computers during the attack.

However, this ransom note presents a huge amount of clarity into the Ragnar Locker attack. In the ransom note that has been created during the attack, the operators state that the threat actors have stolen 1 TB of unencrypted files from the corporate networks in Japan, the USA, and Canada.

Ransom Demanded

Moreover, there’s no confirmation regarding any customer information taken during the interference, while the company issued a notice on its site by giving a warning to the visitors that emails and document demands will not be responded, due to the cyber attack that affected the computer’s email systems.

The ransomware attack has not “affected connections for operating the company’s games online or to access its several websites.” The experts also mentioned that Ragnar Locker demands to have encrypted 2,000 devices on Capcom’s networks and is asking $11,000,000 as ransom in bitcoins for a decryptor.

The company is trying to restore all its systems and has reported the cyber attack immediately to law enforcement. But, still, the company has not yet disclosed further details regarding the ransomware as they want to keep it private.

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