French Football Club Ticketing System Targeted in Cyber Attack

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), one of France’s premier football clubs, has been the victim of a cyber attack.

The club’s ticketing system was explicitly targeted, raising concerns over data security and the safety of fan information just as the Champions League quarter-finals loom on the horizon.

On April 3, the Information Systems Department of Paris Saint-Germain detected what was described as “unusual access attempts” to the club’s ticketing system.

This alarming discovery prompted an immediate response from the club’s cybersecurity team, who identified and rectified a vulnerability within less than 24 hours of its detection.

In a bid to fortify its defenses against such incursions, PSG implemented additional security measures posthaste.

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The club’s proactive stance didn’t end there.

Adhering to regulatory obligations, PSG notified the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés) of the breach by April 5.

In line with legal requirements and a commitment to transparency, PSG has also begun the process of informing individuals potentially impacted by the cyber attack.

According to a recent article published in Le Parisien, a French football club’s ticketing system has been targeted in a cyber attack.

An extract from the letter sent by PSG. Screenshot.

Reassurances Amidst Concerns

Despite the unsettling nature of the breach, PSG has sought to reassure fans and stakeholders alike.

The club’s communication emphasizes that, based on the nature of the access attempts observed, there is no current evidence to suggest that any data was extracted or exploited by the attackers.

However, the breach did expose certain types of identity data, including names, email and postal addresses, mobile numbers, dates of birth, account statuses, and partially obscured IBANs.

As the anticipation for the Champions League quarter-final match builds, PSG has made it clear that it remains vigilant regarding the potential impacts of the cyber attack.

The club assures its supporters that it has taken all necessary measures to address the situation and prevent future incidents.

This cyber attack on PSG’s ticketing system highlights the vulnerabilities that even the most prestigious football clubs face in their digital infrastructure.

As PSG prepares for its upcoming Champions League match, the club’s ability to respond to and recover from this cyber attack will undoubtedly be closely watched by fans, cybersecurity experts, and football clubs around the world.

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Divya is a Senior Journalist at Cyber Security news covering Cyber Attacks, Threats, Breaches, Vulnerabilities and other happenings in the cyber world.