Free and Low-Cost Ways to Protect Your Computer Against Malware or Breaches

In the modern world, digital crimes are no longer a rarity. More and more criminals begin to hunt not only for money in your safes but also for your digital data. In this case, the majority of conscious Internet users begin to think about the safety and protection of their computers.

We all have encountered various viruses at least once in our lives. With the development of computer technology, their diversity only continues to grow. There are various types of these malware programs: from the most harmless to those that hack your data or even damage your PC. Therefore, every day there is a growing demand for the creation of special applications or security services that, on the contrary, will protect your devices. Here you can find out about ways to protect your computers and at the same time increase your cyber security.


Computer Protection: The Best Free Ways to Secure Your Data

The most important thing you need to understand is that you shouldn’t take cyber security issues lightly. None of us is immune to data breaches or leakage of our confidential data. But there is good news, and it is that you can significantly improve your computer protection by following these simple rules.

Update Your Software Regularly

This is one of the easiest ways to keep you safe from cyber attacks and improve your computer protection. You may think that this is impossible. After all, how can an update keep you safe from hackers? The answer is really simple. Most cyber criminals exploit weaknesses in your software, and the less frequently you update, the more likely you are to be attacked. In modern realities, you do not even need to manually do anything, most modern operating systems do it for you. Therefore, think a few times before you next reject the update of your Windows.

Come Up With Complex Passwords

If you are the guy who constantly comes up with the same passwords for absolutely all sites, you must stop doing this right now. You see, the easier you come up with a password, the easier it will be for a hacker to hack your social media page or cloud storage. Using simple passwords will lead to data leakage sooner or later. Use more complex passwords to avoid this. Complex passwords are combinations of words that are difficult to guess, and in no case should you put your name and date of birth in the password. It may sound trite, but it really can save your confidential data.

Regularly Create Backups

Backup is a process in which you transfer your data from one medium to several. Here are some reasons why backup for your PC should be done regularly. First of all, you protect yourself from the loss of important and confidential data. The fact is that even if a virus can penetrate your system and harm it, your files will not be affected since they will be stored on different devices. Find suitable backup devices, for example, an external hard drive, and then perform this procedure at least once a week. This simple action will greatly improve your computer protection.

Don’t Open Spam Emails

Most confident PC users know that it is undesirable to open spam emails. The reason is that most malicious programs come from just such letters. Unfortunately, sometimes even the presence of security services can’t save your confidential data from the negative impact of spam. You can never predict what will happen after you open the next mailing list. Never follow suspicious links, even if they came from your friends, because they could be susceptible to hacking.

Low-Payment Ways to Improve Your Cyber Security

In addition to previous tips, you can also use security services, which may not be free. Most often, it will not cost a really high price, but your safety will increase several times.

Use a Firewall

A firewall is special software, which is specially designed to prevent any attempts to intrude into your network to obtain your confidential data. It becomes a kind of barrier between your home network and some untrusted network, such as the Internet. With its help, you will significantly increase your cyber security. Without exaggeration, we can say that this is one of the most effective methods of protection among all known security tools. There is a huge variety of these programs, especially those that are free. But you can also purchase a paid subscription, after which you can expand the number of services.

Don’t Forget About the Antivirus

As we know, everything ingenious is simple. Antiviruses are likely to be the most popular of all the security services. They protect your system, prevent data breaches and save information on your PC from the influence of viruses and different cyber threats. Unfortunately, most users neglect such useful programs. In this way, they endanger the state of their computer and also nullify their cyber security. Most antiviruses are free, but you can upgrade the services for a fee. Believe it or not, you will thank yourself more than once for being reinsured and installing this useful program on your PC.

Test Your System

You can easily find a service which, for a small fee, will test your computer for the likelihood of being hacked. This process is called penetration testing. But don’t worry about your confidential data. The whole process will be just a simulation of a real hacker attack. This simulation will help specialists identify the weaknesses of your computer protection and, if possible, eliminate them so that they can not be used by real intruders. But, in case you don’t like to grant access to your computer to third parties, you can check how to record video on PC, create a recording of what’s happening with your system during attack simulation and transfer this video to security specialists for them to review it. 


Living in the modern world, a person increasingly often thinks not only about his safety. More and more often, people think about their cyber security. And this is not surprising. Humanity has made an incredible leap in its development over the past decades. With the advent of the Internet, a person requires protection from previously non-existent threats, such as data breaches, hacking, or personal data leakage. With the advent of technology, people began to need security services that would protect them from such threats. And believe that in the future, this need will only increase.

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