Entrust Breached

Entrust, a big name in digital security, announced recently on its website that it has been attacked by hackers. During this attack, hackers breached their firewalls and stole data from their internal systems through breaches in their network.

It is an online trust and identity management company specializing in the deployment and management of online trust and identity, offering a variety of security services such as:- 

  • Encrypted communications
  • Secure digital payments
  • ID issuance solutions

While their security services are used by several critical government agencies and organizations in the United States.

Affected Critical Organizations

Consequently, based on the nature of this incident and the services offered, it is obvious that the effect of this attack would be felt by a large number of critical organizations.

This encloses the following critical agencies and organizations:-

  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • The Department of the Treasury
  • The Department of Health & Human Services
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs
  • The Department of Agriculture

Hackers Hacked Entrust

In a cyberattack that occurred on June 18th, Entrust was breached and essential corporate data was stolen by the hackers. 

It was only recently that Entrust’s customers were notified of the breach, following a screenshot taken by security researcher Dominic Alvieri.

The screenshot itself appeared to be a security notice, which was addressed to Entrust’s clients. There has been a security breach that has been confirmed in a security notice sent to Entrust’s customers. 

At this point, it is not known yet whether the data in question is completely corporate data only or whether it includes the data of customers and vendors also.

Attacked by Ransomware Gang!

While the attack has been speculated to have been carried out by a well-known ransomware gang in order to extort money from the company. The exact nature of the encryption that was used during the attack or even whether the devices were encrypted or not is unclear at this time.

It has been confirmed that Entrust, along with a leading cybersecurity firm, is actively investigating the attack with the help of law enforcement agencies. At the moment, it does not seem to have impacted the operations of the company.

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