Hackers Claiming 8 Million Angel One Customers Data Exposed, Company Denies 

Hackers have claimed that the personal data of 8 million customers of Angel One, a prominent broking house, has been exposed.

The news report has sent shockwaves through the financial community.


According to a cybersecurity consultant quoted in the report, the data breach allegedly occurred, raising concerns about the security of sensitive customer information.

Angel One’s Response

Angel One has swiftly responded to these allegations, assuring the public of the integrity of its data.

In a statement released through its social media handle X, the company categorically denied new data leak incidents.

“We want to confirm that Angel One’s customer data is secure and that there has been no new data leak incident.

The recent media news pertains to an incident in April 2023, which was promptly handled, secured, and reported to relevant authorities,” the statement read.

The broking house emphasized that the incident is not new and happened over a year ago.

They reassured customers that the breach was addressed immediately, and all necessary measures were taken to secure the data and notify the relevant authorities.

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Despite the unsettling news, Angel One’s shares have remained relatively stable. On July 10, the shares were green, even in an otherwise weak market.

This stability suggests that investors take the company’s assurances seriously and are not overly concerned about the alleged data breach.

The cybersecurity consultant mentioned in the report highlighted that in such cases, there is typically a demand for ransom by the threat actors.

However, the details of any potential negotiations between the hackers and the company remain unclear, especially since the data dump is reportedly a year and a half old.

As the situation develops, stakeholders and customers will closely monitor any further updates from Angel One and cybersecurity experts to ensure the continued safety of their personal information.

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Divya is a Senior Journalist at Cyber Security news covering Cyber Attacks, Threats, Breaches, Vulnerabilities and other happenings in the cyber world.