Protecting SSL/TLS Certificates

Best Practices for Protecting SSL/TLS Certificates and Keys

SSL/TLS certificates are critical to ensure data security, authenticity, and integrity in transit. They help prevent a whole range of attacks such as eavesdropping, impersonation, man-in-the-middle, phishing attacks, and so on. But what about...
Staying On Top of TLS Attacks

Staying On Top of TLS Attacks With SSL Certificate

The Transport Layer Security (TLS)/ Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol is critical to ensuring data confidentiality, privacy, security, and integrity in transit on the internet. However, they are not 100% immune from being attacked...
SSL Stats: Why is an SSL Certificate So Important for Your Website?

SSL Stats: Why is an SSL Certificate So Important for Your Website?

SSL certificates are no longer considered a necessity only for large companies. Every website, big or small across industries, needs SSL protection today. SSL stats will tell you how SSL adoption has become almost...
TLStorm 2.0

Critical TLStorm 2.0 Bugs Let Attackers to Gain Remote Access to Enterprise Networks

In multiple models of both Aruba and Avaya switches, Armis has detected five vulnerabilities relating to the implementation of TLS communications.  Using these vulnerabilities, there is a possibility that remote access could be gained to...

3 Million Certificates to be Revoked by Let’s Encrypt Due to CAA Bug

Let’s Encrypt to revoke more than 3 million certificates due to a bug in the CAA checking code which fails in checking for the Certificate Authority Authorization (CAA) for the domain. CAA checks came mandatory...

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