APT36 Employing Customized Malware to Attack Indian Government Linux and Windows Servers

APT36 Using Customized Malware to Attack Indian Government Linux and Windows Servers

APT36 is a highly sophisticated APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) group that is known for conducting targeted espionage in South Asia and is strongly linked to Pakistan. While this APT group is known for targeting the...
Hackers Employed DNS-over-HTTPS

Chinese Hackers Employed DNS-over-HTTPS for Linux Malware Communication

ChamelGang, a sophisticated threat actor believed to be based in China, has been using different tools for intrusions, as identified by the security researchers at Stairwell Threat Research in their recent investigation. While apart from...
BPFDoor Targeting Linux Systems

BPFDoor – New Stealthy Backdoor Malware Targets Linux Systems

A completely new and previously unreported form of BPFdoor was recently discovered and examined by Deep Instinct's threat lab. The malware's use of a Berkley Packet Filter, an unusual method of obtaining instructions and avoiding...
Linux Malware

Pakistani APT-36 Hackers Using a Linux Malware To Attack Indian Government

Transparent Tribe (aka APT36), an APT group based in Pakistan, has recently been found employing a stealthy tactic to distribute a new Linux Malware called Poseidon. The cybersecurity researchers at Uptycs have discovered Poseidon, a...
Linux kernel

Linux Kernel Vulnerabilities in Ubuntu Let Hackers Launch DOS Attack & Execute Arbitrary Code

Several security vulnerabilities were recently addressed by Canonical in both Graphviz and the Linux kernel of Ubuntu. Recent discoveries include null pointer dereference vulnerabilities in Graphviz and improper handling of indirect branch prediction isolation between...
Open Source Firewall

Top 10 Best Open-Source Firewall to Protect Your Enterprise Network 2023

Open Source Firewall is best known for protecting the network from a threat by filtering the inbound and outbound traffic and ensuring network security. Whenever we talk about Open Source Firewalls, the first...
Cheerscrypt Linux-based Ransomware Encrypt Both Linux & Windows Systems

Cheerscrypt Linux-based Ransomware Encrypt Both Linux & Windows Systems

In a recent investigation, the Sygnia security firm found Linux-based ransomware, Cheerscrypt. This ransomware was found using the TTPs of Night Sky ransomware. There is a common threat group called Emperor Dragonfly (A.K.A. DEV-0401/BRONZE STARLIGHT)...
8-Year-Old Linux Kernel Bug

8-Year-Old Linux Kernel Bug ‘No Pipe but as Nasty as Dirty Pipe’ Found

Researchers have revealed details about a long-standing security vulnerability that has been active in the Linux kernel for over eight years. The cybersecurity analysts from Northwestern University (Zhenpeng Lin, Yuhang Wu, and Xinyu Xing)...
Linux-based Ransomware Cheerscrypt Attacks VMware ESXi Servers

Linux-based Ransomware Cheerscrypt Attacks VMware ESXi Servers

There has been an appearance in the cybercrime universe of a new ransomware attack dubbed 'Cheers.' It targets the VMware ESXi servers that have been found to be vulnerable. There are many large organizations and...
Ubuntu 22.04

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is Released with Performance and Security

Ubuntu Linux distribution, codenamed Jammy Jellyfish, version 22.04, has been made generally available by Canonical. New features in this version include better hardware support, along with an improved baseline of security. The Ubuntu distribution for...

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