Cardplanet Credit Card Market Operator Sentenced to 9 Years for Selling Stolen Credit Cards

The cybercriminal Aleksei Burkov, the owner of Cardplanet, who operates different carding websites on the Dark Web, is sentenced for nine-year for selling stolen credit cards. 

Aleksei Brukov has sold thousands of debit and credit card numbers that had been hacked, while most of the cards were hacked from U.S. citizens.

The fraud forum DirectConnection allows different hackers and other online criminals to sell their stolen data and goods so high as they had $5000 and the support of three famous members of the forum. 

Moreover, the charges that have been put on Aleksei Burkov rotated around his website Cardplanet. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, over $20 million in counterfeit purchases were made utilizing these stolen data of U.S. credit cards.

Over 150,000 stolen cards were sold

The website Cardplanet was mostly used by the defendants, in the year 2009 and in the year 2013. Aleksei Burkov conducted the selling of all stolen payment cards, which includes credit and debit cards. Here most of the data that are stolen belong to U.S. citizens.

According to the report, the Cardplanet was utilized to sell data from over 150,000 stolen payment cards; not only this, once they get stolen, they made fraudulent purchases of more than $20,000,000.

They also differentiated the price, as the different cards have different prices, it means the price varies from $2.50 to $60. However, the prices depend on the card type, country of creation of the card, and the availability of the card holder’s personal identifying information, like the name and the address of the cardholder. 

The Cardplanet implemented a fee-based “checker” assistance that enabled customers to verify payment card numbers they bought, with the assurance that Burkov would restore all invalid card numbers.

Data involve

According to the information, this cyber attack included various personal data. Cardplanet tricks the customer, and ask them to give their card number, with an assurance note that they will eliminate all the invalid data. 

But, after getting the number of the card, it’s easier, for them to hack it, and as a result, they have already hacked thousands of U.S. citizens’ payment cards. The cards carry all personal information, like:-

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Phone number

After hacking the card, they sold these cards for money. However, the security experts asserted that this is not the first attack that Cardplanet has executed. Burkov has once got arrested in Israel in the year 2015 and was assumed to have been deported in 2017, that’s why he was detained for two years. 

Although Russia contended that transfer for years, Aleksei Burkov is one of the most pertinent hackers in the country, and the management is getting worried as he has more than enough information regarding Russian hacking operations.

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