A 29-year-old Russian national, Aleksei Burkov, pleads guilty for charges related to running two carding websites that facilitate computer hacking and payment fraud.

He was arrested in Israel in 2015 and by last year October Israel justice minister agreed to extradite the Russian hacker to the United States. Burkov was then extradited to the US to face criminal charges by November.


According to court documents, he was charged for running a website called “Cardplanet” that offers stolen credit and debit card numbers for payment.

The website has more than 150,000 compromised payment cards, most of them belong to the U.S. citizens. Cardplanet offers cards for a price from $3 to $60.

He pleads guilty before Senior U.S. District Judge and his sentence scheduled for May 8, 2020. he may face a prison up to 15 years.

Burkov also admitted that he runs a second website that is an invite-only basis and it for elite cybercriminals to advertise stolen goods, such as personal identifying information and malicious software, and criminal services, such as money laundering and hacking services.

With this Invite-only website, he added some restriction for memberships, “prospective members needed three existing members to “vouch” for their good reputation among cybercriminals and to provide a sum of money, normally $5,000, as insurance.”

Burkov placed these measures to stop law enforcement agencies accessing the cybercrime forum and to honor members of the forum if any deals made in there.

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