Accenture opened three new “cyber ranges” aimed to help Industrial companies such as oil and gas, chemicals, utilities, and manufacturing industries to enhance their security.

Nowadays Industrial sectors emerge as a prime target for notorious hacker group like Lazarus, the group is known for conducting large scale attacks targeting government, military, financial, manufacturing, publishing, media, entertainment, and international shipping companies, as well as critical infrastructure.

Accenture Cyber Ranges

The cyber ranges are equipped with realistic training environments and software developments aimed to access the technical vulnerabilities in ICS. The ICS is used in every industry sector such as utilities, petrochemicals, oil and gas, and industrial manufacturing.

“We tailor security solutions to our clients’ industries and help them build resilience across their entire value chains. Our ICS cyber ranges are designed to help pressure-test and improve the security posture of organizations so they can innovate safely and grow their businesses with confidence,” said Jim Guinn II, who leads Accenture’s cybersecurity business.

Following are the centers with multi-vendor capabilities

Houston, Texas – Hub focused on the oil and gas industry

Washington, D.C. – Focused on the utility industry

Essen, Germany – Dedicated to the utilities and chemicals industries

“The energy industry has the largest installed base of industrial control systems around the world, and the cyber risk has never been greater,” said Luis Luque, ICS cybersecurity global lead at Accenture Security.

Also, the company is constructing a new ICS Cyber Fusion Center opening early next year, the center is aimed to threat intelligence and vulnerability assessment services dedicated to ICS.

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