14 iPhone Tricks You Need to Try

If you have the latest iPhone 12, you already know that there are a ton of cool features you can try. Even with an older model and iOS 14 update, you will find that you have access to some of these features. 

Here’s a quick rundown of all the cool features you can try:


1. Take a screenshot by tapping the back

Instead of having to hold down buttons, you can now take a screenshot by just tapping the back of your iPhone. You will find this setting under Accessibility. You can either choose to enable taking a screenshot when you double-tap or triple tap. 

This feature isn’t really limited to taking screenshots. You can also open the notification center, for example. 

2. Change your default browser to Chrome

The default browser on iPhones is Safari which is great since the app is designed for iPhones and is faster and takes up less battery. But you may prefer a different browser like Chrome or Firefox, and now you can choose that to be your default browser. 

3. Try the improved security features 

iOS 14 has unleashed some new security features which you should give a try. If you have a virus on your phone, you can learn how to get virus off iphone. Delete any apps you deem suspicious, reset your iPhone, or restore your phone from a previous version.

The iPhone also lets you confirm if an app is indeed suspicious. If an app is recording you, you will see an orange dot on the status bar to let you know that. 

You can also ask apps not to track you across the web so that your data remains private. The iPhone is generally pretty secure, and privacy is one of Apple’s USPs. It is considered to be better than Android smartphones, but you should still be careful of any apps that you download and be wary of clicking links online.

4. Change your default email app

You can also change the default email app to Gmail from Mail. You just have to choose it from your settings and make it your ‘default mail app’. 

5. Use the app library 

Now you no longer need to sort through all the apps on your home screen. iOS 14 has introduced the App Library that allows you to search for apps and keep them organized without cluttering your screen.

7. Add widgets

You can also add widgets by Apple or third-party apps to access a part of the app easily on your home screen. For instance, you can add a Google search widget that allows you to search for and launch Google from your home screen.

8. Create a schedule for your ‘dark mode’

You can now choose when dark mode is on and when it gets turned off based on circadian rhythm, for instance. As it starts to get dark out, you can have the dark mode turned on and keep it off during the day to keep you alert. 

9. Search for emojis easily

Another feature that was present in Android and on other keyboards has finally made it to the Apple keyboard. You can now search for emojis by the name or action instead of having to scroll and look for it manually. 

10. Use the eye contact feature

On Facetime, you can use the eye contact feature to make it look like you are looking at the person on the other end of the call, even if you are looking at the screen or yourself. 

You can enable it by going to Settings -> Facetime -> Eye Contact

11. Scan QR Codes easily

The control center allows you to scan QR Codes easily. You can also use the camera to scan QR Codes, but it is missing a few features that the QR Code reader in the control center has. You can scan warped QR Codes, small QR Codes and use your flashlight if it is dark out when you are scanning them. 

12. Use the volume button to take a burst

Instead of having to hold down the virtual shutter in the camera app, you can also use the volume up button to take a burst photo on your smartphone. You can find this option under your camera settings and enable it.  

13. Remove home screens

Since there is an app library now, you can get rid of home screens that house those apps. Nothing happens to those apps. They remain on your phone but tucked away in the app library.

14. Use ‘custom widget smart stacks’

iPhone 12 allows you to create a ‘smart stack’ that you can use to browse through several widgets. You just have to use the drag and drop approach to club multiple widgets. 

All in all

The iPhone 12 with iOS 14 has some really cool tricks and UX improvements that make using the iPhone an even better experience than before. Make sure you keep exploring all the app settings to get the most out of it.

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