Ukraine Conduct Cyberattacks

Ever Since the attack of Russia, Ukraine has been taking several measures to fight the war. In one of the attack measures, Ukraine started recruiting an army of Information Technology experts to conduct several operations against Russia.

Ukraine’s Digital Transformation Minister Mykhaylo Fedorov announced that they are recruiting for an IT army. On Saturday afternoon, he posted on Twitter that to fight on the cyber front they have created a telegram channel that will provide all the operational tasks for cyber specialists.


After the telegram channel was created, as a part of the operational tasks a list of 31 Russian targets was released which included Russian Government agencies, three banks, government’s IP addresses, storage devices, and mail servers, corporations that support critical infrastructure along with the popular Russian search engine and email portal Yandex.

The actions performed were posted by Yegor Aushev, the founder of Cyber Unit Technologies on his Facebook page. On the other hand, Aushev was the one who posted the application form for recruitment on Thursday. He also posted that Hackers from all of the world have signed up for this operation and even hackers from Russia.

The IT army seems to have a massive effect against Russia as the Kremlin, State Duma, and the Ministry of Defense websites were taken down. Reports state that it could have been a DDoS attack.

Want to Join the IT Army?

Speaking about the army, it seems like nearly 200k members have joined the army as of now. In case you would like to be part of the cyberattacks against Russia, it is essential to remember that performing DoS attacks, breaches of computers and networks, and defacing websites may seem cool but still, they are illegal in most countries irrespective of the target and motive.

Robert Lee, CEO of cybersecurity firm Dragos explained that targeting the same entity might also affect the law enforcement and government operations, and also cybersecurity companies that have a legal agreement with other countries like the US might also be affected. 

He further added that “Cyber is inherently escalatory and it doesn’t matter how good it makes you feel it’s irrelevant in the current situation. People are getting shot and bombed. The invasion is underway. This isn’t the time for your cowboy bullshit”

The IT army also asked the volunteers to share videos of Russia invading Ukraine, on Social media as another means of helping them in this conflict.

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