Global Food Chain Company Hacked – Attackers Stole Sensitive Details

As per reports from Sysco, a leading food distribution company, had a data breach by threat actors. Sysco believes this breach started on January 14, 2023, when a threat actor gained access to their systems and claimed to have sensitive data.

Sysco sent an internal memo to all its employees on May 2nd, 2023, stating that threat actors have stolen information relating to business operations, employees, customers, and personal data (Social security numbers, account numbers, and payroll details).

“This data extraction has not impacted Sysco’s operational systems and related business functions,” Sysco stated. 

The company also mentioned in the memo that they have been working with Cybersecurity and forensics professionals on investigating this event.

“Sysco initiated an forensic investigation, with the assistance of cybersecurity and forensics professionals.” Sysco’s memo reads.

The company also contacted customers who have been affected by this data breach. Over 2 months, threat actors have extracted data from their databases.

Reports are still unconfirmed on how much customer data were impacted due to this breach. Investigations are ongoing within the network, and they have implemented additional security measures to prevent these data breaches.

Sysco claimed they are preparing to take responsibility, cooperate with data security practices, and meet legal requirements. 

Sysco has a market cap of $37 billion, with over 69000 employees worldwide. They are headquartered in Houston, Texas. They have around 700K franchise locations worldwide with 333 operating facilities.

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