A couple in the UK accidentally found a security flaw in Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint that allows anyone can unlock the phone by just fitting $3.41 Worth Screen Protector that was purchased on eBay.

A Cheap screen protector could literally allow anyone to unlock the fingerprint protected Samsung Galaxy s10 in just a second which leads anyone can access the personal details in the phone in the financial apps.


Lisa Neilson, 34, bought the gel cover to protect her new S10 and the phone unlocked after she fits the screen protector using any fingers but there was only one finger was registered on her phone.

Later she has checked with her husband Wes thumbs and got that she could unlock the phone using his thumbprint, not only using his fingerprint but the gel cover let anyone can bypass the fingerprint and unlock the phone.

Lisa also checked her sister’s Samsung and it was exactly the same when fitted with the case.

According to a report published in the Sun, “Lisa was called to customer services and took control of the phone remotely and went into all the settings and finally admitted it looked like a security breach.”

Lisa said “This means that if anyone got hold of my phone they can access it and within moments could be into the financial apps and be transferring funds.

According to Samsung Spokesperson, ”We’re investigating this internally. We recommend all customers to use Samsung authorized accessories, specifically designed for Samsung products.”

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