Samsung Data Breach

Last week Samsung users around the globe received a strange notification on their mobile phones “Find my Mobile 1” through the app called Find My Mobile tool.

Find My Mobile is a tool that allows users to connect with the stolen or the lost device and the notification with the app came in as a result of a data breach.

Readers from New Zealand, the US, Scandinavia and told register about the mysterious 1/1 notification on their devices.

Samsung Data Breach

Samsung told that only Samsung Galaxy users receive the notification, but some Register readers reported that with non-galaxy devices also notification received.

According to The Register statement, it was due to a data breach that happened at the same time, some users got other users’ personal information such as phone numbers, emails, shipping addresses, recent orders displayed on their device.

Now Samsung confirmed the breach, Samsung explained it was happened due to a technical error.

“A technical error resulted in a small number of users being able to access the details of another user. As soon as we became aware of the incident, we removed the ability to log in to the store on our website until the issue was fixed.”

Also, Samsung added that they are to reach the affected users with more details about the issue.

Some users stated that at the time of notification Find My Mobile found to be disabled on their phones. Samsung did not provide any updates about how a disabled can show the notification.

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