Remote Administration Tools

Introduction :

Remote Administration Tools are some of the equipment that can be used to save time and space undoubtedly by making it possible to access systems remotely in due time.

Remote Administration Tools are also called – Remote admin software, RAT software, Remote Access Tool, Remote admin software, and RAT Tools.

Remote Administration is a process that is used in the IT world very often as the technicians and help-desk support constitute more than half of the same.

They can be useful in multiple domains for technicians to access systems for identifying issues, and for managers to access systems to transfer data instead of manually accessing another system.

Time is as valuable as money, maybe even more, and the problem of saving time is one that occurs in every domain and every corner of the IT world nowadays.

So far, we know that Remote Administration tools are application software that provides one with the capability to connect to other systems remotely. 

What are Remote Admin Tools (RAT)?

They are usually used as software for technical support technicians to analyze a system, update software, install drivers, etc.

These tools provide a connection to the other system as if you are accessing the system physically by being there; in addition, you can switch off the device, install software and do much more.

Why is Remote Administration Needed?

Accessing different devices by manually going to the system and doing the tasks you have to do requires quite some amount of time and is considered a waste of the same. By using remote administration, IT professionals can access different systems from one remote.

These tools can be useful in every domain, like when managers need to access their employees’ systems or when someone needs to access a system without having credentials.

Mainly technicians and help desk professionals can save time and space both by doing the same and analyzing the system that needs help remotely.

12 Best Remote Administration Tools

  • ManageEngine Remote Access Plus
  • VNC Connect
  • ISL Online
  • Remote Desktop Manager
  • Supremo Remote Admin Tool
  • SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support
  • AnyDesk Remote Admin Tool
  • Zoho Assist
  • Citrix DaaS
  • Microsoft Quick Assist
  • NinjaOne Remote Admin Tool
  • Atera Remote Admin Tool

Remote Admin Tools (RAT software) Key Features

Remote Admin Tools (RAT)Key Features

1.ManageEngine Remote Access Plus
1. Unattended and swift access
2. View and monitor endpoints
3. Detect and display multiple monitors
4. Collaborate with multiple users
5. Customize session resolution
6. Real-time network diagnosis
7. Record and capture screens during remote sessions
8. Initiate remote sessions from android and iOS
2.VNC ConnectHigh-quality remote access
Tailored to fit your needs – Customizable
Lightweight remote support
Provides enterprise-grade security
3.ISL OnlineConnect via RDP or SSH
Fast access to unattended computers
Efficient bandwidth use
End-to-end encryption using 256-bit AES
4.Remote Desktop ManagerRemote Connection Management
Password Management
5.Supremo Remote Admin ToolUnattended Access
File Transfer
Online Address Book
Contacts Sharing
6.SolarWinds Dameware Remote SupportFast and secure remote control
Features Overview
Anywhere, anytime remote assistance
Built-in remote admin tools
7.AnyDesk Remote Admin ToolHigh frame rates
Low latency
Efficient bandwidth use
Highly innovative technology
8.Zoho AssistFile transfer
Instant Chat
Schedule Sessions
Multi-Monitor Navigation
9.Citrix DaaSAvailability
Comprehensive security
10.Microsoft Quick AssistUAC Elevation
Remote Assistance Sessions Reports
Roles Based Authentication (RBAC)
Management from Intune
11.NinjaOne Remote Admin ToolRMM icon
Endpoint Management
Patch Management
12.Atera Remote Admin ToolIT automation
Mac Remote Monitoring and Management made easy
IT Documentation
SNMP Monitoring

1. ManageEngine Remote Access Plus

ManageEngine Remote Access Plus

Need help accessing and troubleshooting endpoints in and out of your IT network? You have landed at the right spot. ManageEngine Remote Access Plus will let you streamline the process like never before!

Our product specialists have tailor-made the solution from scratch with advanced remote access, support tools, and over 12+ diagnostic functionalities to fix end users’ IT devices without interrupting their work hours.

Remote Access Plus caters to IT admins from different industries including health care, finance, education, and more with strict admin policies, user and role-based management, and customizations to stay compliant with policies like HIPPA.

Remote Access Plus is available in both on-premise and cloud editions, choose the one that best fits your requirements. In addition to that can unlock all our advanced features free of cost with our exclusive edition for SMBs. Start accelerating your IT troubleshooting from a single dashboard with us!

Supported OS

Windows, Mac & Linux

Troubleshooting Tools

  • Encrypted and secure file transfer
  • Quick access to system manager tools
  • Automated power management
  • Schedule system maintenance task
  • Unlimited communication tools

Security Features

  • Role-based restrictions
  • Secure login with SAML, MFA, SSO
  • End user confirmation
  • Complete track record on remote sessions
  • Credential manager

Try and explore the all-in-one advanced remote access software with a 30-day free trial!

ManageEngine Remote Access PlusDemo/Trial

2. VNC Connect

VNC Connect

There are many remote Administration tools that provide great services nowadays, but VNC Connect is one of the most popular ones in the IT world. 

It offers secure and consistently responding access to remote systems, unlike other remote admin tools. It also offers customizable configuration for the tool, which gives you a sense of ownership of the tool having granular control over the setup.

VNC Connect is a Remote Access Tool that offers just-in-time assistance on its support panel to ensure less time to resolution and customer satisfaction.

The tool is quite feasible to configure and doesn’t have many complications, and supports many remote connections at the same time.

It can be configured in user mode, service mode, and virtual mode to control levels of access to different systems and users whenever required.

Remote Admin Tool (RAT Tools) Features

  • High-quality remote access
  • Tailored to fit your needs – Customizable
  • Lightweight remote support
  • Provides enterprise-grade security
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Dual connectivity
  • Multiple user modes
Instant SupportOnly annual billing is available 
Secure accessShort-span free trials
Supports multiple platforms

VNC Connect Demo/Trial

VNC Connect is a paid platform on an annual basis.

3. ISL Online

ISL Online

ISL Online is secure remote administration software specifically designed for IT professionals. It allows unattended access and remote administration of an unlimited number of computers without prior system setup or configuration.

All remote connections are encrypted end-to-end using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and the remote desktop application is signed with Code Signing certificates.

With this technology, you can route RDP or SSH sessions between your local computer and unattended computers running in the remote network without using a VPN or making any firewall changes.

One of its standout features is the Jump Box. As a network admin, you can install ISL Online on just one computer on the remote network and use it to forward connections to any other computer on the local network.

As a user, you have many options to customize and tweak the security settings and features for the session based on the requirements you have.

It’s important to mention that ISL Online offers fast connection speed with no lag, stable and reliable connections, and works well also in low bandwidth environments.

Remote admin Software Features

  • Connect via RDP or SSH
  • Jump Box
  • Fast access to unattended computers
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable and stable connections
  • Efficient bandwidth use
  • Cross-platform
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Manage your users centrally
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Rich customization options
  • Set granular permissions for multiple users
  • Responsive customer support
  • Automatic Session Recording
  • Reverse Proxy Support
TunnelingShort-span free trials
Multi-layer EncryptionOnly Yearly Plans
Centralized Management

ISL Online Free Trial

4. Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager is software that provides you with a bundle of tools set comprehensively to meet your needs as an IT professional. Unlike other remote administration tools, it is one of the oldest tools having a very simple user interface and configuration.

It is made to provide IT personnel with remote connectivity technologies and credentials and secure access to these resources.

Most connections are made through external libraries or third-party software which makes the tool compatible with most of the most recent technologies.

The tool requires the following: a Windows 7 or later OS, a windows server, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8, a 1 GHz or faster processor, 4GB RAM, 1024 x 768 screen resolution, 500+ MB hard drive space, and a 64-bit operating system.

Remote Admin Software Features

  • Remote Connection Management
  • Password Management
  • Compare
  • Cross-Platform
  • Shared Database & Vaults
  • Role-Based Access Control System
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Audits and Reports
Super-Easy to understand user interfaceThe free version doesn’t contain all the features
Password management availableNot stable overall

Remote Desktop Manager Demo/Trial

5. Supremo Remote Admin Tool

Supremo Remote Admin Tool

Supremo RAT Software is one of the few free remote administration tools that are available in the market nowadays for IT professionals. It also provides a very captivating interface for users to interact with and you can access remote systems in just a few seconds.

Supremo is one of the very few remote administration tools that offer remote connections without any prior system requirement, setup, or configuration.

The technical support queue offered by the software also works flawlessly by maintaining online reports and connection monitoring.

Supremo is a smart software that manages simultaneous connections and multiple displays, prints remotely, and transfers files in both directions. 

You can work as equally as if you were in front of the remote PC with efficiency and stability, using it anytime and anywhere.

Remote Admin Tool (RAT) Features

  • Unattended Access
  • File Transfer
  • Online Address Book
  • Contacts Sharing
  • Customizable
  • Auto-Update
  • Live Chat
  • Remote Printing
  • Online Reports
  • Support Queue
  • Automatic & Mass Deployment
  • Connections Monitoring
  • Advanced Custom Configuration
  • License Usage Control
  • Remote Device Management
Offers free services with all the featuresDoesn’t offer a monthly subscription
Safe and multi-platform software.Complication user interaction

Supremo Demo/Trial

6. SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support

SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support

SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support is a remote admin tool that offers remote administration of systems that are not available at the time using cloud-based support.

Secure remote administration is a process that is deemed required by most IT professionals around the globe. This software, unlike others, uses cloud services to ensure timely and secure accessibility of remote systems at all times.

The tool is a fast, lightweight, and secure cloud-based support solution to the problem of saving time and accessibility to remote systems.

On the other hand, SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support also offers multi-platform built-in remote system administration.

Remote Admin Software Features

  • Fast and secure remote control
  • Features Overview
  • Anywhere, anytime remote assistance
  • Built-in remote admin tools
  • Simplify Windows administration
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Deliver remote support from iOS and Android devices
  • Export AD objects and system configs from remote computers
  • Remotely manage Active Directory environments
  • Centralized license and user account management
  • Remote access to sleeping and powered-off computers
Pros Cons
Cloud-based support ensures secure administrationOffers very short trial time
Build-In administration tools with multi-factor authenticationOlder versions don’t provide good user interaction

SolarWinds is a paid software and offers free trials.

SolarWare Dameware Demo/Trial

7. AnyDesk Remote Admin Tool

AnyDesk Remote Admin Tool

AnyDesk is a remote administration tool that provides efficient and professional user management. The software offers you secure, fast, innovative, and highly reliable services.

The software does not need any configuration or setup to start working on remote administration. It offers many different features and options to optimize your experience of remote user management.

AnyDesk will give you access to a remote desktop as if you were present there physically and accessing the system. It offers near-instant responses that are essential when working on a remote desktop. 

The most important thing is that AnyDesk latency lies below 16 ms on local networks and is, therefore, not perceptible. It gives high performance even if the internet bandwidth is low and gives bad internet connectivity.

RAT Software Features

  • High frame rates
  • Low latency
  • Efficient bandwidth use
  • Highly innovative technology
  • Quickstart
  • Fail-safe Erlang network
  • Screen Sharing from everywhere
  • Fluent Mobile Device Management
  • Smooth Remote Work with Unattended Access
  • Efficient Remote Printing
  • Stable Interactive Access
  • Lightning-fast File Transfer
Offers Mobile Device Management and unattended accessThe speed of remote administration depends on internet connectivity in the free version.
Interactive access and desktop sharing.Annual billing only.
The interface is a bit slow and complicated.

AnyDesk Demo/Trial

AnyDesk provides both free and paid versions of remote administration tools.

8. Zoho Assist

Remote Administration Tools
Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is a remote administration tool that offers secure and reliable remote administration of systems not accessible physically at the moment.

Unlike most remote admin tools in the IT globe, it is easily scalable, customizable, and reliable enough to support large and growing enterprises.

ZohoAssist takes pride in its services by claiming fast implementation and deployment. Its user interface displays quick adoption and is claimed to be simple to use by most of its users.

With secure cloud-based remote assistance and remote access software, Zoho Assist equips companies all over the world to provide excellent customer service and will continue to do that in the long run.

Remote Monitoring Tool Features

  • File transfer
  • Instant Chat
  • Schedule Sessions
  • Multi-Monitor Navigation
  • Voice and Video Chat 
  • Reboot and Reconnect
  • Customer Widget 
  • Reports
  • Email Templates
  • Integrations with ITSM and Service Desk Solutions
  • API Documentation
  • Mobile SDK for iOS/Android
One can easily schedule sessions, swap screens, and write annotations on the screen using ZohoAssist’s remote administration.The interface is a little bit hard to get used to as it is quite advanced.
Unattended assistance helps you work with the visually impaired and connect to your work computer while you are away from the system.No tutorials are offered by the software to get customers accustomed to the same.

Zoho Assist Demo/Trial

ZohoAssist is a paid platform with a 15-day trial period.

9. Citrix DaaS

Remote Administration Tools
Citrix DaaS

Citrix DaaS is now one of the leading remote administration software in the industry, which provides secure and easy-to-handle remote administration services as a service is one of the most comprehensive and compatible software that is there in the IT world nowadays.

It has an interface that attracts the user, particularly at the same time not making the configuration and is more complicated than needed to make the customer easily accustomed to the tool.

Citrix DaaS provides scalability, flexibility, and extensive accessibility to any remote system that is not present with you at the moment from any part of the world.

The performance and security it provides users across the world with the same experience irrespective of the location they are in are remarkable.

Citrix Desktop as a service is a growing enterprise in the world of Internet Technology and Remote Administration both. It empowers organizations to deploy secure applications and remote desktops to users at any scale while providing a great experience and simplifying management.

Remote Admin Software Features

  • Availability
  • Robustness
  • Configurable
  • Comprehensive security
  • Superior experience
  • Hybrid multi-cloud
  • Actionable analytics
  • Simplified management
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Machine creation services
  • App Layering
Pros Cons 
Comprehensive, secure cloud-based management services.The thick client depends upon the internet connection and disconnects easily when the speed is poor.
The strict access controls and the compliance regulation results in a highly secure and isolated work environment.Using two remote administrations at the same time makes the software a little slow.

Citrix DaaS Demo/Trial

Citrix Desktop as a service software is a paid service and has different plans for different kinds of users.

10. Microsoft Quick Assist

Microsoft quick assist is a windows software that provides remote administration to a person that is not present with the same system.

MS Quick Assist uses the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) to make the process of remote administration easy to understand for its users.

It is a remote administration tool that gives you the ability to open multiple remote admin sessions simultaneously, one for each remote computer. Quick assist is available by default on each windows device and is configured on the Windows Server 2008 R2 servers.

The most liked feature of MS Quick Assist significantly is that it is free and no external installation is required by the user. Quick assist offers different modes of administration that can be set by the host computer’s owner.

Quick Assist was launched in the Windows 10 versions, but before that, Windows XP and all the later versions used to offer a similar feature known as Windows Remote Assistance.

Remote Administration Tool Features

  • UAC Elevation
  • Remote Assistance Sessions Reports
  • Roles Based Authentication (RBAC)
  • Management from Intune / the ability to launch from Intune
  • Limiting sessions within the organization (Azure AD Tenant)
  • Branding
  • Conditional Access
  • ADFS support
  • Support of multiple screens on the target machine
  • Pausing remote control session by the end user
Inbuilt access tool in WindowsQuick Assist does not support smartphones which is an inconvenience as most people in the IT world require smartphone support in every software.
Provides an authentication code to connect with another user, which also has an expiration time.You can’t use shortcuts from the host computer to the remote computer directly, which makes copy-pasting a tedious task.

Microsoft Quick Assist Demo/Trial

Microsoft Quick Assist is a free platform for all its users.

11. NinjaOne Remote Admin Tool

Remote Administration Tools

NinjaOne has been one of the growing remote administration tools in recent years. It provides remote administration with a secure and traditional configuration which makes the user feel safe and accustomed to the tool.

The tool makes its user interface into one that offers traditional behavior and has configurations that are easy to understand and control. NinjaOne offers free services with reliable and automated remote administration services.

The one thing that makes this remote administration tool unique and captivating evidently is that its interface is as fast as a ninja, as the name suggests.

It also has features that allow you to perform endpoint monitoring, network monitoring, and cloud monitoring as well.


  • RMM icon
  • Endpoint Security Management
  • Patch Management
  • Backup
  • Service Desk
  • Remote Access
  • IT Documentation
  • Software Deployment
  • IT Asset Management
  • Monitoring & Alerting
  • Documentation
  • Ninja Protect
  • IT Automation
  • IT Operations Management
  • Network Management
  • Self-Service IT Portal
  • Reporting
  • Platform Administration
  • Effective Security
Easy to use, has a low learning curve, and runs smoothly with fewer complicationsSome elements of the tool take a little time to become useful and as the tool is recently launched and is young, some of the features need a little maturing.
Technical support provided by the company running NinjaOne is very effective, even for learning.The interface is not very customizable.

NinjaOne Demo/Trial

The remote admin tool NinjaOne is a paid software and offers a free trial.

12. Atera Remote Admin Tool

Remote Administration Tools

Atera is a newly launched remote admin software that is gaining the attention of IT professionals so far. It is the remote administration tool that makes the experience quite easy to handle and the product makes it very easy for end users to connect to their office computers in the era of “Work from Home.”

Atera allows you to start a session directly from an alert, ticket, or device view via AnyDesk or Splashtop. The software consists of an in-built 2FA mechanism that ensures the users’ computer’s safety, as the user will receive a prompt every time some other entity tries to connect with the system.

Additionally, the remote administration provided by Atera is lightweight and on the positive side, all remote sessions are encrypted using 256-AES bit encryption and always abide by the instructions in the TLS protocol.

It also offers patch management and Network discovery scans which makes the user’s safety the first priority for the company and also makes the tool reliable to use and the user confident to use the same.

Remote Administration Tool Features

  • IT automation
  • Mac Remote Monitoring and Management made easy
  • IT Documentation
  • SNMP Monitoring
  • Complete Activity Log
  • IT Reporting and analytics
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts
  • Helpdesk and ticketing
  • AI ticket tagging
  • Ticket Automation
  • Customer Portal
  • Flexible contracts and billing
  • Reports and analytics
  • Remote Access
  • Attended and unattended support
  • Airtight security and control
  • File transfer
  • Multi-monitor capabilities
  • Work from home with Splashtop
  • Patch Management
  • Software bundles
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Helpdesk
  • Intelligent ticketing and Helpdesk software
  • Automated reports
  • Port scanning and potential CVEs
  • Active Directory and Workgroups scanning
  • Dynamic graphs and reports
Easy to understand and use interface.The ticketing system is a little bit slow.
Everything can be accessed with a few clicks. Remote installations take quite some time.
The state of the devices is reported promptly.
You can prepare reports for everything.

Atera Demo/Trial

The Atera software is a paid platform that offers free trials and different plans for different aspects of the IT world you work in.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Remote Administration Work?

Remote Administration is the process of monitoring systems, servers, or a computer that is in a remote location from where you are. The tools are software that gives you access or control of a system or server without accessing the same physically.
This feature comes in very handy when a technician has to access a system to analyze it, and they can do it remotely without having to visit the site. Any computer or server that is connected to the internet can be accessed or administered remotely. Remote Administration works by creating a link between the host computer and the admin computer using an internet connection.

How do I Open Remote Admin tools?

You can use remote admin tools simply by downloading the software from their websites and installing them on your computers. Once the software is installed, you just have to click on the icon for the same and open it. 
After it is opened, every software has a different process for starting remote administration, but usually, it is that you have to enter the ID of the computer you desire access to and then send in the request for remote administration.

How do I Enable Remote Administration?

The remote administration tool you are using needs to be installed on both the host and the admin computer. After installation, for every session of remote administration, the admin needs to request the host’s permission to be administered remotely. 
After the admin sends the request and the host accepts it, you will have access to the remote system as if you were using the system by physically being there.

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