Hacked: Hackers Accessed Database Backup Files, Username and Passwor

Recently, a well-known security and technology media portal Entercom Radio owned has reported that they have experienced a cyberattack and determined that an unauthorized user gained access to user data for approximately three hours. 

Basically, Entercom’s national network is composed of more than 235 radio stations broadcasting news, music, sports all over the country. Live online radio, provides live streaming service to more than 170 million people every month.

Well, the issue is that an unauthorized hacker gained access to usernames and passwords, as per the Notice of Breach e-mail, addressed to users last week on Friday, March 6. However, the fact is that the company is actively recommending that users to alter their username and password data. 

As they have clearly stated that they took this conflict very seriously and presenting you with the information and access to the resources so that you can adequately protect yourself against the risk of misuse of this data.

What Happened?

In September 2019, Entercom detected the data breach while investigating a cyber-attack. Thus without wasting further time, they instantly started an inquiry with support from outside data privacy and computer forensics experts to discover the nature and extent of the incident. 

After an accurate and intensive examination process, the investigation currently confirmed the population affected individuals whose private information was accessed by an unauthorized hacker.

As part of their investigation into that attack, they became aware of unauthorized movement associating to third-party cloud hosting services, which they use to store data relating to users. On August 4, 2019, during the investigation, they determined that for about three hours, an unauthorized hacker accessed the information associating to users held in database backup files. 

What Information was Involved?

During their investigation, they disclosed that the unauthorized hacker simply gained access to the following types of information: name, username, and password of the impacted users.

During the data breach, the radio giant performed several measures intended to prevent related incidents in the future, including cloud services, multifactor authentication, and more powerful password policies, and staff data security training.

Moreover, the Entercom also recommends users who obtained the data breach notification messages to change their passwords for accounts, and any other accounts were using the corresponding password. 

All these simply indicate that the credentials that were accessed during the breach were stored in plain text, something that BleepingComputer has already tried to verify by simply reaching out to an Entercom spokesperson. But unfortunately, they didn’t get any response.

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