Notorious Hacker Charged for Hacking Hundreds of Corporate Networks in 40+ Countries

Recently, the US has charged a 37-year-old Kazakhstani resident for encrypting corporate networks over 300 companies and government institutions of more than 40 countries from all over the world. 

The Hacker that was behind this operation performed under the name “fxmsp.” Thus last year, fxmsp and his team were all over the headlines for allegedly violating the source code of antivirus products from McAfee, Trend Micro, and Symantec.

The “fxmsp” group built determining access, or “backdoors,” on victim networks, which they displayed and traded to other cybercriminals suppressing the victims to different kinds of cyberattacks and frauds. 

According to the five-count accusations and reports of the file, from October 2017, the date entries were replaced by a Grand Jury in December 2018. Thus, Andrey Turchin (fxmsp) and his associates performed an enthusiastic hacking attempt, that broadly targets hundreds of users from more than 40 countries.

Hacker Charged for Hacking Hundreds of Corporate Networks

The experts opined that the hackers charged for hacking hundreds of corporate networks. As they marketed and sold the network that they have access to several hidden forums usually visited by hackers and cybercriminals for exploitation. 

In,, Club2Card, Altenen, Blackhacker, Sniff3r, and L33t, and many more, the price of the networks start from a thousand dollars, and in some cases, it may go up to a hundred thousand dollars also. 

Here, the price depends on the file of the users, or we can say that the degree of system acess and control.

Andrey Turchin performed this operation and hacked hundreds of files, for which he got famous and came into existence in the year 2019. However, the DoJ states that more than 300 organizations were attacked, and out of that, 30 are from the United States. 

The US Port Authority asserted that a New York-based airline, an African department of finance, the hotel chains, and various financial services businesses are supposed to have been influenced by the group’s hacking activities. 

Turchin has been charged with conspiracy to perform computer fraud; a total of two frauds have been performed by Turchin, plot to conduct wire fraud, and access device fraud. According to the law, conspiracy to perform computer fraud is condemned by up to five years in prison. 

In that case, the two counts of computer hacking and abuse are punishable by up to ten to five years in prison. Whereas, the conspiracy to perform wire fraud is condemned by up to 20 years in prison. 

On the other hand, the access device fraud is condemned by up to ten years in prison. That’s why the US Attorney, Brian Moran, commended Kazakhstan for assisting in the search, but prosecutors did not verify if Turchin has been seized on these charges or not.

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