Let’s Encrypt Has Issued 1 Billion Free SSL (TLS) Certificates

Let’s Encrypt, A leading Certification Authority (CA) that provides free SSL certificates has published a billion certificates so far since 2016. 

We all know very well that HTTPS is now contemplated to be an essence for website security. So, you can always verify if a website is following the latest encryption standards to ensure your communication by verifying out its HTTPS certificate.

Basically, the non-profit is conducted by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG), with various members such as Mozilla Foundation, Akamai Technologies, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), and the University of Michigan.

Once the certificate was declared, it required to be downloaded, then proceeded to the server, then stored in the right directory, and eventually, the web server could be reconfigured for SSL. Thus, in both switching costs and building a stable, secure protocol, Let’s Encrypt also eliminated significant barriers to industrialization. 

Since 2017 browsers have begun requiring HTTPS for more extra features, and they’ve considerably improved how they relate to their users about the hazards of not using HTTPS. However, when the websites put their users at danger by not using HTTPS, major browsers now confer stronger warnings. Therefore, several sites have answered by using HTTPS.

Last year, Let’s Encrypt Issued 1 Million Certificates Every Day

Let’s Encrypt managed to accomplish this on nearly with the same team, staff, and budget as it did in 2017. As it has moved from 11 full-time staff and a $2.61 million budget than to 13 full-time staff and a $3.35 million budget. 

Here’s the official statement of Let’s Encrypt, “In June 2017, we were serving approximately 46M websites, and we did so with only 11 full-time staff and an annual budget of $2.61M. While today we serve nearly 192M websites with 13 full-time staff and an annual budget of approximately $3.35M,” so all these figures are really surprising, isn’t it!

Moreover, they ask that you make a separate contribution if it is within your means today. Thus, Let’s Encrypt’s billionth certificate has been published, it maintains 192 million websites, and the United States’ part of the internet is a considerable 91% encrypted.

Well, as a community, they have done really unbelievable things to shield various people on the internet. Possessing one billion certificates is a confirmation of all the rapid growth. Apart from these, they have also said that “We’re delighted to keep operating with you to produce an even more reliable and secure web for everyone.” LetsEncrypt Said.

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