Over 29 Million Indian Job Seekers Data Leaked in Deep Web For Free

Security researchers have stated that over 29 million Indian job seekers’ data got leaked on the dark web forums for free, and the breached data include some sensitive information of the Indian job seekers.

The data hold nearly 3GB of memory that was captured by the hacker. Not only this, as the firm also disclosed approximately 2000 Aadhaar card and some crucial information of 1.8 million people from Madhya Pradesh in a related forum.

Indian Job Seekers Data
Indian Job Seekers Data

As it’s not clear till now that when the data associated with citizens of Madhya Pradesh flowed, but as per ‘The Hindu,’ Cyble found the leak during its researches into the job seeker data. Therefore, they stated in one of their report that authorities have inaugurated investigations into this sensitive matter.

Apart from this, Researchers claimed that the data breach was dawned by a CV aggregation service that accumulated all the data from legal job portal websites.

But according to the recent update overhead, the weekend explained that the data might have been initially revealed by an unsafe Elasticsearch instance, consequently made unavailable. So, the security researchers at Cyble stated that the breach includes all kinds of sensitive data like email address, home address, phone number, work experience, qualification, DOB, and many more.

Indian Job Seekers Data

Hackers always hunt for this kind of information so that they can efficiently conduct various evil types of activities such as theft, scamming, and corporate spying.

There are various screenshots that determine that most of the data were leaked from Karnataka, Delhi, West Bengal, Pune, Tamil Nadu, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Chennai with others.

All these hacking panels were based on comprehensive discussion and distribution of mutual and relevant resources. Well, you can say that it is a site where users can obtain loads of numerous data leaks, various kinds of hacking and cracking tools, some software, different kind of tutorials, and many more. 

Not only this but here every user can also take part in intense discussions and make some new friends as well. Researchers also have notified all the leaked data and then indexed them on the monitoring and notification program of Cyble. 

Researchers believe some unknown source of a data breach, though the information of this data breach has not been clear yet.

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