Google Faces with  billion Lawsuit in the U.S. for Tracking When Users Browsing via “Incognito” Mode

Tech giant Google was sued on Tuesday and it faces $5 billion in lawsuits in the U.S. For tracking Millions of users’ private internet surfing via its browser when users browsing via Incognito Mode.

The lawsuit was filed in the federal court in San Jose, California, on Tuesday, and the lawsuits claim that Google has violated the privacy laws by proceeding to “block, track, and obtain communications” even when people use Chrome’s incognito mode and other individual web browser modes. Routers said.


Moreover, the complaint also asserted that there were all gathered data that assists Google in learning about users’ different personal things. And it contains data like their friends, hobbies, preferred foods, purchasing habits, including the most private and probably the uncomfortable things they seek online.

Google gathered all these data through its services like Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, other Google applications, and even from the third party website plug-ins and apps as well.

Jose Castaneda, the spokesperson of Google, has stated in one of his interviews that Google would protect itself quickly against all the claims that have been put upon them. Moreover, when you open a fresh incognito tab, the websites might be capable of assembling all the data about your browsing movement.

As Google’s Chrome always seeks permission that it should save the data for browsing the internet, not whenever the users are using the new incognito tab. Every time they inform the users regarding the consequences, and that’s why Google denied all the claim that has been set up against them.

Several users in the world think that Incognito Mode or private browsing is a means to keep themselves aside from spying eyes, well we must say that they have the wrong idea regarding the incognito mode. 

This kind of misunderstanding happens with most of the users, as browsing data could be utilized to recognize user action and behavior just as the traffic “footprints.”

Nowadays, there been an increase in paid VPN services, which is a testimonial to the protection that concerns many users around the globe. However, the increased rate of VPN services also clarifies that many users prefer this because VPN services are very strong and trustworthy, or we can say that its “100%” secure.

The lawsuit stated that Google could not proceed to interfere in every secret and unlawful data gathering as there is no American who doesn’t have any phone or computer. The lawsuit also stated that it holds “millions” of Google users, and therefore, they are seeing for losses of nearly $5,000 for each user. 

But, here, the real fact is that the tech giant Google has denied all the claims by giving brief and all-clear clarification regarding each and every claim made in the lawsuit.

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