Google alternative

Several Google Alternative Search engines are available on the internet.

Every search engines have a unique feature.

We all know very well that just 20 years ago the tech giant Google did not exist, yes, Google started its career in the early years of the internet as an efficient search engine, and with the passage of time, it gained the popularity and trust of users.

But, the fact is that after two decades now things are quite different, yes, with dozens of free and quality services, Google dominates the maximum part of the internet.

But, if you are worried about your privacy and the management of your private data by Google, then don’t worry about that, as here we have some best Google alternatives.

The most powerful search engine of Google and its other well-known services like Gmail, Android, Chrome, G Drive, Google Ads, and Google Maps simply make its ecosystem unbeatable.

But, apart from all these things, there are individual alternatives, that we will see here, but the fact is that no one can replace the Google ecosystem.

As we all know that just with a single Google account, you can have access to the many interlaced content and services offered by Google and other platforms.

As with a single Google account, you can simply access your mobile contacts, and manage your favorite apps, websites, photos, emails, payments, favorite YouTube videos, and much more.

Though we may not be able to cut the main link with Google, at least we can have some specific substitute services that we use less or even don’t know.

Moreover, the fact is that all these services really offer us a good bunch of functions that will surely please us.

So, now without wasting much time, let’s get started and simply explore the whole list that we have mentioned below.

Best Google Alternative 2021

  • DuckDuckGo
  • Yahoo!
  • Bing
  • Startpage
  • Mojeek
  • Qwant
  • Gibiru
  • Ask
  • SearX
  • Search Encrypt

Google Alternatives and its Features

Best Google Alternative 2021Features
1. DuckDuckGo 1. Privacy-focused search engine
2. No tracking or personalization of search results
3. Doesn’t collect or store user data
4. Displays unbiased search results
5. Provides instant answers and summaries
2. Yahoo! 1. Web portal and search engine
2. News, finance, sports, and entertainment content
3. Email service (Yahoo Mail)
4 . Yahoo Answers (Q&A platform)
5. Yahoo Groups (online discussion forums)
3. Bing1. Web search engine
2. Image search
3. Video search
4. News search
5. Maps and directions
4. Startpage1. Privacy-focused search engine
2. No tracking or storing of user data
3. Displays Google search results anonymously
4. Offers anonymous browsing via a proxy server
5. Provides HTTPS encryption for secure connections
5. Mojeek1. Independent search engine
2. No tracking or profiling of users
3. Privacy-focused search experience
4. Emphasis on delivering unbiased results
5. Indexes a growing number of websites
6. Offers image search capabilities
6. Qwant1. Privacy-focused search engine
2. Does not track or store personal data
3. Emphasizes user anonymity and data protection
4. Provides unfiltered and neutral search results
5. Offers web search, image search, news search, and music search
7. Gibiru1. Metasearch engine
2. Aggregates result from multiple search engines
3. Focuses on user privacy and anonymity
4. Does not track or store user data
5. Open-source software
8. Ask1. Metasearch engine
2. Aggregates result from multiple search engines
3. Focuses on user privacy and anonymity
4. Does not track or store user data
5. Open-source software
9. SearX1. Metasearch engine
2. Aggregates result from multiple search engines
3. Focuses on user privacy and anonymity
4. Does not track or store user data
5. Open-source software
10. Search Encrypt1. Privacy-focused search engine
2. Encrypts search queries and search results
3. Does not track or store user data
4. Offers anonymous searching
5. Removes search history after a certain period

1. DuckDuckGo

Google Alternative

DuckDuckGo is one of the best Google alternative search engines, as it’s one of the most popular search engines which has gained popularity due to the privacy security that it provides.

This website is secure and it does not track your online activity, which means there are no ads that will follow you.

Moreover, it has a clean and good user interface which simply makes the search results more interactive, even you can also add DuckDuckGo’s addition to your browser to keep your activities safe and private.

Apart from all these things, it allows all the approved features of a search engine like Google, hence, there is one great feature known as “bangs,” which is excellent and worth considering.

It also enables users to explore directly other different sites like Amazon, Wikipedia, or Youtube. 


  • Anagram solver
  • Blood type compatibility
  • Generate ASCII art
  • Generate password
  • Quick stopwatch
  • Calendar
  • Loan Calculator

Pros and cons

Privacy-focusedLimited search results
No personalized search resultsLess advanced features
Bangs featureImage and video search limitations

Demo video


you can get a free demo and a personalized demo from here.

DuckDuckGo – Trial / Demo

2. Yahoo!

It is one of the oldest search engines available on the internet, as it has been around longer than Google and its very helpful for daily queries, but, apart from a search result that Yahoo provides, it offers much more.

According to the site itself, Yahoo stands for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.”

This search engine works as a news aggregator, an email service, an online shopping market, a games station, a travel list, and much more.

Moreover, Yahoo provides support for around 38 languages and it also remains the default search engine for browsers like Mozilla Firefox.

Basically, Yahoo is a standalone search engine, hence, it offers different types of services varying from sports to travel that are worth telling out.

After Flickr has been combined with the search engine, it gives better image effects and divisions like Yahoo Answers and Yahoo Finance, which produce a large amount of information on various topics.

While now if we talk about privacy expression, then let me clarify that Yahoo! operates to work better than Google.


  • Remote access
  • Save desired contacts
  • Malvertising rise
  • Immigration reform

Pros and cons

Yahoo! MailDeclining Popularity
News and ContentSecurity Concerns
Yahoo! FinanceAdvertisements and Clutter
Yahoo! SportsLimited Innovation

Demo video


you can get a free demo and a personalized demo from here.

Yahoo! – Trial / Demo

3. Bing

Google Alternative

This is the second most excellent search engine for the online market, and it is more of an observed search engine attempting different tools for users for a most satisfying experience.

As Yahoo! Search presents this Google alternative search engine, and its homepage has a dynamic background showcasing beautiful pictures of animals, places, sports, people, etc., hence, if you want to search for a video, then it presents a grid of large thumbnails that allows a preview if you hang over them and then plays it on the same page with just a single click.

Similar to Google, Bing also emphasizes ads and techniques like conversion, reading, spell check, sports score, flight tracking, etc.

Moreover, it also provides a mobile app for Android as well as iOS and stands as one of the most significant Google alternatives on the internet.


  • Image match
  • Computations
  • Video hover
  • Timeline 
  • Snapshot

Pros and cons

Visual SearchSearch Result Relevance
Video SearchMarket Share and Integration
Image and Video PreviewLimited International Coverage
Image and Video Preview

Demo video


you can get a free demo and a personalized demo from here.

Bing! – Trial / Demo

4. StartPage

. StartPage

Before Startpage, Ixquick was a standalone search engine other than Google that presented its results.

However, later, it emerged as another Google alternative search engine known as StartPage to combine search results from Google without tracking, hence in 2009, they were united under one name as Startpage.

Apart from drawing up search results, it also allows proxy services to survey websites safely and securely.

And to support cookie-free internet, it has a custom URL generator that excludes the need for setting a cookie.

Thus you can save your settings in a privacy-friendly manner. furthermore, you can also adjust the theme of the search engine as well.

As it emphasizes the Air (default), White, Black, Night (Dark Mode), and other Classic modes.


  • URL generator
  • Proxy service
  • HTTPS supports
  • Eliminate the need for cookies

Pros and cons

Privacy-FocusedLimited Customization
Anonymous SearchingLack of Additional Services
Search Result QualityLimited Advertising and Localized Content
Advanced Privacy FeaturesPotential for Less Comprehensive Results

Demo video


you can get a free demo and a personalized demo from here…

StartPage – Trial / Demo

5. Mojeek

Google Alternative

It is a crawler-based Google alternative search engine that has been produced in the UK and is now exploring beyond 2 billion web pages.

It was actually developed by Marc Smith, and this search engine, of course, Mojeek strives to be the alternative search engine of opportunity, allowing independent search results without negotiating the privacy of its users.

Moreover, it has been one of the most comprehensive web search tokens in the world.

But apart from all these things, not only has Mojeek’s index increased in size, but they also extend to develop and enhance their ranking algorithm, determining the quality of the results delivered are continuously upgrading.


  • Independent and unbiased
  • Leverage your professional network
  • Emotional search
  • Proper wis

Pros and cons

Privacy-focusedLimited search index
Independent and unbiased resultsLess-developed features
Transparent search algorithmLocalization challenges
Focus on content qualityDependency on external sources

Demo video


you can get a free demo and a personalized demo from here…

Mojeek – Trial/ Demo

6. Qwant


This is a privacy-oriented Google alternative search engine that is established in France, and this website demands never to accumulate your data for ad-targeting.

As it is a privacy-focused search engine, and it offers many key features comparable to DuckDuckGo.

One of them is known as “Quick Search Shortcuts,” which is just like the “Bangs” of DuckDuckGo.

Its user interface is quite delightful and highlights trending issues along with news narratives on its homepage in an ordered manner.

It displayed the search under three sections, Web, News, and Social, this well-categorized search result satisfies your inquiry in a more effective way.

For those who are music lovers, this site has a devoted section where you can explore a new variety of music and lyrics with the help of AI, hence, in short, Qwant simply offers you a fresh experience.


  • Tracking protection
  • Modify privacy setting
  • Access browser tab
  • Web analytics

Pros and cons of Qwant

Privacy protectionLimited search index
No filter bubbleLess-developed features
Enhanced securityLocalization challenges
Comprehensive search resultsDependency on external sources

Qwant – Trial / Demo

7. Gibiru

Google Alternative

Gibiru is among those search engines for Google alternatives which are preferred for patriots, and they simply claim their search results from a modified Google algorithm.

Hence, the users can get all the information they want without bothering about Google tracking activity, as Gibiru does not install tracking cookies on your PC, consequently, they imply to be faster than NSA’s search engine as well.


  • Zero retargeting
  • Honest earnings
  • Privacy recommendation
  • No data selling of any kind
  • No logs
  • HTTPS encryption

Pros and cons

Privacy-FocusedSearch Result Relevance
Uncensored and Unfiltered ResultsLimited Features
Proxy BrowsingLimited Market Share
Privacy ToolsLack of Transparency

Gibiru – Trial / Demo

8. Ask

Google Alternative

Many users love this search engine for its simple format, and previously it was known as Ask Jeeves.

This search engine also highlights the continuously asked questions and answers, which can be very beneficial for the users.

It is a standard Google alternative search engine that delivers search results if you type in any term that is not claimed as a question. Hence the search results layout of Ask is quite similar to Google search. 


  • It offers a very informative homepage 
  • It provides a modern search engine
  • It gives the most relevant news topics and videos

Pros and cons

Question-and-Answer FormatLimited Search Index
Popular Culture and EntertainmentLess Advanced Features
Image and Video SearchAdvertising and Sponsored Results
Tools and FeaturesMarket Share

Ask Trial / Demo


Google Alternative

SearX is another well-known metasearch engine Google alternative, which simply makes the internet more free and decentralized, as this portal doesn’t collect any personal data of its users and offers straight results from various sources.

Generally, it shows the search results from many sources that cover popular ones like Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia, etc. Moreover, this search engine, of course, SearX is an open-source Google search engine alternative and accessible to everyone on GitHub.

Even you can also customize it as your metasearch engine and treat it on your server as well, as those who are Torrent fans will simply love the SearX search engine, as it supports you in finding magnetite links to specific files when you search for a file within the metasearch engine. 


  • Self-hosted
  • No user profiling
  • No user tracking
  • Easy integration
  • Encrypted connection

Pros and cons

Privacy-FocusedTechnical Expertise Required
Aggregated Search ResultsVariable Search Results Quality
Open SourceLimited Advanced Features
Customizable and Self-HostedOccasional Downtime and Reliability

Demo video


you can get a free demo and a personalized demo from here…

SearX – Trial / Demo

10. Search Encrypt

Google Alternative
Search Encrypt

It is also a meta-search engine that sets privacy as its essential feature and assures that your online activities should be safe.

This website demands that it doesn’t track any identifiable data about users as it uses local encryption to ensure your explorations.

The search results are represented from its network of search companions, hence, Search Encrypt is one of the best Google alternatives available on the internet.

As it does its best to counter the filter bubble of personalized hunts and has over 23 million users each day.

The most prominent characteristic of this alternative search engine is the local browsing account that stops automatically and gets destroyed every 15 minutes.

It means that the users don’t have to worry if someone else has a path to their computer.


  • End-To-End encryption
  • Privacy-Friendly map search
  • Privacy-Friendly video search
  • Auto-expiring browsing history

Pros and cons

Privacy ProtectionLimited Search Results
Anonymous SearchingLess Advanced Features
Expired SearchesMarket Share and Recognition
Simple and User-FriendlyLack of Localized Results

Demo video


you can get a free demo and a personalized demo from here.

Search Encrypt Trial / Demo


Though we know that Google is the top search engine available on the internet, you still get many different alternatives to Google’s search engine.

And many of these Google alternative search engines implement more satisfying user experiences and excellent information than Google.

Hence, here we have given all the information about the best alternatives to the Google search engine.

So, simply try them and see which one is more suitable for you and helpful. However, if you have any other alternative that you have used and think is most appropriate, then please make sure to let us know in the comment section below.

We hope that you liked this post, and it must have been useful to you, if so, then simply do not forget to share this post with your friends, and family, and on your social profiles as well.

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