Cybersecurity Risk Management Tools

Introduction :

Cybersecurity risk management tools in cyber security software play an imperative role in securing a company’s or individual’s cyber security as well as preserving their privacy.

In a nutshell, cybersecurity refers to the way in which a network, system, or application is protected from cyberattacks by providing additional security measures.

Cyber security tools are mainly used to prevent unauthorized access to data, cyberattacks, and identity thefts from occurring on a regular basis.

An organization’s ability to recognize, control, and mitigate cyber risks is greatly enhanced by cybersecurity risk management tools.

In terms of risk management strategies and data security, they are crucial components of any strategy relating to those topics.

Nowadays, there is a greater reliance on connected systems in modern businesses and organizations to operate their businesses, and this evolution is becoming increasingly complex in terms of security.

While the digital landscape of risks keeps expanding and progressing, it is wise to recognize that you could face new cyber threats as a result.

What is cybersecurity risk management?

The concept of cyber security risk management refers to a solution that aims to prioritize threats in order to mitigate them. 

In short, a cybersecurity risk management program is primarily used by organizations and companies, as they implement this approach to secure their IT networks and respond fast to multiple critical threats.

An effective cybersecurity risk management process involves a variety of processes that interact with one another.
However, to make it simpler it’s divided into four key stages, and here below we have mentioned those stages:-

1. Identifying risk
2. Assess risk
3. Review controls
4. Control risk

What does a cybersecurity risk management tool do?

In order to manage uncertainty, risk management tools are an effective way of addressing several aspects of the issue, including:-
1. Identification
2. Generation
3. Parameterization
4. Prioritization
5. Development of responses
6. Monitoring of the risk

It means that for an organization to be able to mitigate cyber threats effectively, it depends on these cybersecurity risk management tools. 

What does it imply? It signifies that without these tools, it’s completely impossible to mitigate such threats.
In an effort to improve cybersecurity vigilance for your organization, these cybersecurity management tools deliver quantifiable techniques, strategies, and ready-to-use tactics.

Why is cybersecurity Risk management important?

A comprehensive cybersecurity management system is vital for decision-makers since it enables them to make accurate choices based on the information that they possess. 

Not only that, but this approach also enables them to implement proper security measures.
The first step that a business must take to determine if it is vulnerable to cyber-attacks is to conduct a cyber-risk assessment to assess the level of vulnerability that a business faces and the risks associated with cyber-attacks. 

In such cases, it is imperative to implement a proper Cybersecurity Management approach to ensure the network’s safety.

What is a security risk management plan?

With the security risk management strategic plan, users can find and fix issues in an effective way.

And it also became easy to implement the best security measures with the help of monitored security results.

SRMP (Strategic Security Risk Management Plan) is an essential foundation that outlines the issues that are pertinent to an organization from the viewpoint of security risk management.

With the help of Strategic Security Risk Management Plans, security companies make their way to a broader range of organizations.

Table of Contents

What is Cybersecurity Risk Management?
What Does a Cybersecurity Risk Management Tool Do?
Why is Cybersecurity Risk Management Important?
What is a security risk management plan?
2.Active Risk Manager
3.ManageEngine Log360
5. Isometrix
6.Risk Management Studio
8.CURA Enterprise Risk Management
10.Resolver Risk Management Software
Cybersecurity Risk Management Tools Features
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10 Best Cybersecurity Risk Management Tools – 2024

  • ZenGRC
  • Active Risk Manager
  • ManageEngine Log360
  • Pathlock
  • Isometrix
  • Risk Management Studio
  • CheckIt
  • CURA Enterprise Risk Management
  • Enablon
  • Resolver Risk Management Software

Cybersecurity Risk Management Tools Features

Cybersecurity Risk Management ToolsKey Features
1. ZenGRC1. Audit management
2. Automated audit evidence collection
3. Compliance management
4. Contract management
5. Routine compliance
2. Active Risk Manager1. Compliance Management
2. Audit Management
3. Internal Controls Management
4. Risk Assessment
5. Legal Risk Management
3.ManageEngine Log3601. Logs from different places are brought together in one place.
2. Live tracking of events makes it easy to act quickly.
3.Immediate alerts about possible threats.
4. Finding out when a user does something strange.
5. Easy access to certain log entries.
4. Pathlock1. Improve decision-making capabilities
2. Centralization
3. Better performance
4. Integrated view
5. Control and Visibility
5. Isometrix1. Internal Controls Management
2. Management of operational and asset risks
3. Alerts & Notifications
4. Compliance Management
5. Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)
6. Risk Management Studio1. Audit Management
2. Business Process Control
3. Compliance Management
4. Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)
5. Internal Controls Management
7. CheckIt1. Safety inspections
2. Quality audits
3. ESG assessment
4. Supply chain management
5. Security management
8. CURA Enterprise Risk Management1. Support for multiple methodologies
2. Support for several frameworks
3. Strengthening and Keeping Up With Business
4. Ensure compliance with regulations
5. Real-time visibility
9. Enablon1. Data Virtualization
2. Text Analysis
3. Business Intelligence
4. Enterprise Search Software
5. Predictive Analytics
10. Resolver Risk Management Software1. Enterprise management
2. Security risk management
3. Internal audit
4. Vendor risk
5. IT risk management

1. ZenGRC


Organizations can choose between two well-known types of GRC management solutions:-



However, ZenGRC is unparalleled with regard to these two deployment modes.

Both deployment models for this GRC system are offered to businesses.

This GRX solution is useful for entrepreneurs of all sizes and in a wide variety of fields.




Affordability of health care


Administrators in charge of the audit and compliance department can use this solution to greatly reduce compliance and brand-related risk and errors.

The solution’s adaptability to many fields is due to its many useful characteristics.

It is also feasible for users to automate operations related to compliance within the program by using the workflow module.

In addition to the compliance monitoring, the project solution also includes an audit module.


  • ZenGRC gives businesses tools to find risks, evaluate them, and take steps to reduce them.
  • The software helps businesses make sure they are following a lot of different rules and regulations.
  • Businesses can use the app to make sure they are following a lot of different rules and regulations.
  • The tools can help the auditing go more quickly.
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
Excellent supportLess reporting and visual features
Offer a robust audit management systemCustomer service response and depth vary by membership tier or package.
Extensible product roadmap

ZenGRC – Demo/Trial

2. Active Risk Manager

Active Risk Manager

In terms of risk management, Active Risk Manager is among the most all-encompassing options.

This system allows businesses to manage risk on multiple levels, including the corporate, project, and operational.

For effective risk management, this security solution is most appropriate for enterprises of the medium to large size.

Here we highlight the most important features of Active Risk Manager’s cloud-based platform, which includes several other useful tools.

Full-scale inspections

Safety measures

Alerts for predefined risks can be configured

The ARM SNAPPit mobile incident reporting app provides users of this security solution with yet another useful feature: the ability to submit incidents from a broad variety of projects.


  • ARM helps firms identify and understand threats through comprehensive risk assessments.
  • Businesses can record and track hazards in the app’s central risk register.
  • ARM creates and implements risk management plans.
  • The tool simplifies risk tracking and measurement with Key Risk Indicators.
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
Offers excellent project-supporting facilitiesDue of its many features, the software may require some training.
Simulates quantitative data with easeDepending on organization size and needs, implementation and licensing may be costly.
Works well with enterprise systems, enhancing business value.
Risk management workflows are automated for efficiency and consistency.

Active Risk Manager – Demo/Trial

3.ManageEngine Log360

ManageEngine Log360

Log360 is a security information and event management (SIEM) solution that may be deployed locally, in the cloud, or in a hybrid setting to battle attacks.

It’s also useful for meeting regulatory requirements like PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and others.

The solution can be modified to fit your specific needs and safeguard your private information.
With Log360, you can monitor and audit actions that occur in your Active Directory, network devices, staff workstations, file servers, databases, Microsoft 365 environment, cloud services, and more.

With Log360, you can correlate log data from many devices to identify sophisticated attack patterns and APTs.

The system also includes behavioral analytics powered by machine learning, which can identify anomalies in user and entity behavior and provide a risk score to each one.

More than a thousand pre-defined, actionable reports contain the security analytics.

To determine the origin of a security issue, log forensics can be carried out.
using the help of the integrated incident management system, you can automate the reaction to remediation using smart workflows and integrations with common ticketing systems.
Log360 Cloud is the cloud-based variant of the on-premises product.


  • Log360 can gather logs from servers, apps, network devices, and endpoints, among other places, and store them all in one place.
  • You can keep track of events as they happen with its real-time log tracking.
  • This makes it simple to find strange things and security problems.
  • Log360 can send notifications based on pre-set rules or levels.
  • This helps businesses act quickly when they think there might be a security threat.
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
Comprehensive Log ManagementLimited Cloud Focus
Built-in Compliance SupportSupport Variability
Access Control Monitoring
Active Directory Integration

ManageEngine Log360Trial / Demo

4. Pathlock


Pathlock’s solutions are relied on by thousands of customers all around the world to automate crucial access control and security elements in this Cybersecurity Risk Management Tool.

In addition to its many other characteristics, below are a few of the most noteworthy ones:-

Management of access privileges and authentication of end users

Reporting of SODs requires risk estimation.

User roles are defined and assigned resources.

Application vulnerability management

It’s little wonder the biggest corporations in the world rely on Pathlock to keep their data safe.

The goal of this initiative is to “Put Money Back on the Books” by decreasing fraud and revealing inefficient procedures.


  • Pathlock monitors access to structured and unstructured data.
  • The software uses machine learning to discover unusual data access and use trends.
  • Pathlock tracks user behavior and sets basic rules.
  • Businesses can set and enforce data access policies on the platform.
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
Robust automation systemUsers need training to use all features and functions.
Provides well-groomed support Larger companies may have scalability issues.
Helps meet compliance regulations, especially in regulated industries.
Excellent audit system

Pathlock – Demo/Trial

5. Isometrix


IsoMetrix is a technology business that has been trusted by many worldwide brands for over 25 years, and it is a major provider of Cybersecurity risk management software.

Responsible EHS administration

The ESG Approach to Management

GRC administration

IsoMetrix, in contrast to many other companies, thinks that effective governance, risk, and compliance management can yield significant and far-reaching benefits.

They were able to isolate and improve their risk management system by using a single integrated system rather than a collection of point solutions.

Taking a holistic view of risk management to help customers prevent problems before they arise.


  • Itometrix makes threat detection, assessment, and response systems for businesses.
  • The program simplifies compliance with regulators, industry standards, and business policy.
  • The program simplifies government, corporate, and company regulations.
  • Isometrix simplifies audit planning, execution, and tracking.
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
Has an integrated risk, compliance, health, safety, and environmental management solution.Integration with other systems or platforms may be tricky.
Allows customisation to meet industry and business norms.Support and maintenance may cause complications for some users.
User-friendly UI makes navigation and use easier.
Meets small and large company demands.

Isometrix – Demo/Trial

6. Risk Management Studio

Risk Management Studio

Risk Management Studio is a popular Cybersecurity Risk Management Tool that helps businesses and other organizations take a holistic approach to mitigating potential threats.

In business, risk management can be approached from a variety of angles.

However, IRMF software gives you a wide range of options for handling these processes, procedures, and rules.

Companies are considered to be compliant with external regulations when they are willing to adopt and follow them.

Based on the principles of Integrated Risk Management, RM Studio offers a complete package for risk management that is both effective and streamlined.


  • Businesses can use the tool to find and evaluate hazards in a planned way.
  • This Studio makes it easier to come up with and use ideas that lower risk.
  • Using this Studio makes it easier to create and use solutions that lower risk.
  • It helps identify risks in numerous company projects and operations.
  • Allows risk assessment based on likelihood, effect, and other critical considerations.
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
Excellent operational risk managementExtremely fewer options available in a free trial
Offers robust internal controls managementSlow support resolutions
Promotes teamwork for risk identification and mitigation.
Corrective Actions (CAPA)

Risk Management Studio – Demo/Trial

7. CheckIt


Check it is the only Cybersecurity Risk Management Tools platform that records every action taken by your frontline employees.

Better safety, compliance, and productivity can be achieved, and employees will be less likely to become targets of cyber attacks, if they are provided with a more positive work environment.

In addition to running digital safety systems, CheckIt’s Operations Management Platform provides enhanced real-time operational visibility and control for its users.

CheckIt’s innovative cloud-based technology enables all of the following for organizations of any size.

Leaders must be able to manage others.

Process Management

Maintain conformity


  • List or categorize chores to simplify management.
  • Set reminders and get alerts for chores and deadlines.
  • Set priorities so you can focus on the most pressing tasks.
  • Share task lists or jobs with your team to collaborate.
  • Plans within tasks split up large projects into manageable steps.
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
Easy-to-implement setupPossible integration concerns with other company software or platforms.
Dynamic workflowsMay struggle with large-scale procedures in larger companies.
Often offers business-specific workflow and task customisation.
Mobile apps enable mobile task management.

CheckIt – Demo/Trial

8. CURA Enterprise Risk Management

CURA Enterprise Risk Management

It is common knowledge that CURA is among the most effective web-based tools for managing cybersecurity risks. It aids firms by providing an integrated set of internal controls to guarantee compliance and handle risk.

CURA Software provides a number of solutions for managing the following essentials:-

Business Dangers

Project Dangers


Maintaining Operations


Threats to operations

Data protection

CURA’s cloud-based platform allows its products to be combined into a single enterprise-wide GRC solution.


  • The program helps firms identify, rate, and prioritize risks.
  • CURA ERM simplifies risk-reduction strategies.
  • The program centralizes risk registers and libraries for updating and management.
  • CURA ERM lets you rate risk based on set parameters.
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
Easy to implementSoftware use may require substantial training.
Integration with other company systems and tools is common.Support and maintenance issues may affect its usability.
Provides risk trend and performance insights with powerful reporting and analytics.
Excellent support attentiveness

CURA– Demo/Trial

9. Enablon


In addition to managing the environmental, EHS, and safety aspects of an enterprise, Enablon provides a cloud-based solution to track how resources are spent in an organization.

Users of the Enablon program can make plans of action and monitor their progress using the built-in reporting capabilities.

It’s an all-encompassing suite of resources for improving a company’s efficiency and longevity by mitigating potential threats to their health, safety, and the environment.

Additionally, Enablon offers strong data-driven decisions and effective resource use, both of which contribute to cost savings and enhanced productivity.


  • Enablon helps firms comply with several health, safety, and environmental laws.
  • Businesses can use it to identify, assess, and manage risks across their operations.
  • This helps companies manage green projects.
  • It helps organizations comply with laws, rules, and permits via compliance management tools.
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
Provides environmental, health, safety, and sustainability management tools.Due to the platform’s many features, implementation might be complicated and time-consuming.
Customizable to industry and organizational standards.Not for small and medium size businesses
Scales well for different business sizes.
Controls compliance with various legislation and standards.

Enablon – Demo/Trial

10. Resolver Risk Management Software

Resolver Risk Management Software

Resolver, one of the largest risk management software companies in the world, offers a cloud-based solution for managing risk to businesses across a wide variety of industries and with varying requirements.

All of these crucial tasks might be accomplished with only one product.

Take calculated risks

Coordinate preventative measures

Handle finances

Plan for the future

Cybersecurity risk management tools help connect the dots between risk and incident assessments and the occurrences they refer to.

Resolver is cloud-based software that may be accessed from computers, mobile devices, and tablets for the purpose of mediating disputes.


  • The program helps companies identify and assess process risks.
  • Resolver makes risk-mitigation solutions simple.
  • For easier risk analysis and discussion, the application enables you create reports and dashboards.
  • Resolver lets you record incidents and risk issues.
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
Extremely customizableOther aspects of this software are not intuitive
very knowledgeable support team and developersSlow operation
cost-effective product

Resolver – Demo/Trial


In order for your business to achieve its overall cybersecurity goal effectively, the quality of your cyber risk assessments is essential.

As a consequence, cyber threats have continued to increase in complexity over the years.

In short, the addition or adoption of cybersecurity management tools is crucial nowadays to ensure the proper functionality of a business or organization.

All these risk management solutions from eminent cyber security companies provide a valuable means of managing risks proactively.

While to make it simple, we have compiled this list with a variety of Cybersecurity Risk Management Tools, and this list will help you in selecting the best tool that suits your needs.

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