ChatGPT Privacy Bug Exposes Chat Histories to Other Users

A severe flaw recently affecting ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI, exposed chat history and consequently caused an outage.

After observing Chinese characters in the title of their conversation history, a ChatGPT user on Reddit first reported the error.

As some users could view the history of other users’ conversations, this flaw has raised questions about users’ privacy.

The problem is an important warning to be cautious while sharing sensitive information with ChatGPT. The company cannot remove specific prompts from a user’s history, and talks may be utilized for training, according to a FAQ on OpenAI’s website, which asks users to refrain from sharing sensitive information in their conversations.

ChatGPT Bug Revealed Conversation History of Individuals 

The flaw turned out to be the cause of the sidebar’s display of Chinese language, despite the fact that the problem was initially reported on Reddit by a user who believed their account had been hacked.

ChatGPT Bug Exposes Conversation History Titles
ChatGPT conversations shared by a Reddit User

So many users expressed their displeasure with ChatGPT for disclosing conversation histories, calling it a serious violation of their privacy. It’s crucial to remember that the flaw only exposed the titles of conversations, not the entire histories.

Also, some Twitter users claimed to have seen other people’s chat history on their accounts when the news circulated.

Hence, after the incident, ChatGPT temporarily disabled its chat service on Monday to look into and fix the bug. The history feature is currently not available but will be made available as soon as possible.

ChatGPT Bug Exposes Conversation History Titles
History is Temporarily Unavailable

The need for strong privacy and security protections in online communication systems is emphasized by the ChatGPT bug that disclosed conversation history. Sensitive data must be protected at all costs.

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