Digital Certificates

What are Digital Certificates?? How It Stops Hackers From Stealing Sensitive Data

Digital certificates are electronic credential that binds the identity to the owner of the certificate which can also pair the electronic encryption keys that can be public and private. This mainly uses to encrypt...
Kerberos Authentication

What is Kerberos Authentication, How it Works, and its Advantages?

Kerberos authentication is a cryptography-based protocol that is used to secure logins. The Kerberos is a mythological three-headed Greek creature. It guards the gates to prevent the soul from escaping. Due to this inspection,...
Hackers Using ChatGPT

Beware That Hackers Using ChatGPT to Develop Powerful Hacking Tools

An AI chatbot called ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI is being abused by cybercriminals as part of a new technique they have been experimenting with. Since the ChatGPT application was launched at the end of November...
Hackers Bypass CAPTCHA

Hackers Use CAPTCHA Bypass Techniques to Create Five GitHub Accounts Every Minute

Researchers from Unit 42 analyze Automated Libra, the group of cloud threat actors responsible for PurpleUrchin, the freejacking campaign. It is been observed that Automated Libra has been refining its methods to profit from cloud...
Remote Administration Tools

10 Best Remote Administration Tools (RAT Tools) – 2023

Remote Administration Tools are some of the equipment that can be used to save time and space undoubtedly by making it possible to access systems remotely in due time. Remote Administration Tools are also...
API vulnerabilities Auto Industry

Critical Vulnerabilities in Ferrari, BMW, Rolls Royce, Porsche Expose Owners’ Personal Information

Hackers could have performed malicious activities through API security vulnerabilities in nearly twenty car manufacturers and services. As a result of these vulnerabilities, hackers could be able to perform the following activities:- Unlocking cars  Starting cars  Tracking...
Cybersecurity Risk Management Tools

10 Best Cybersecurity Risk Management Tools – 2023

Cybersecurity Risk Management Tools
Cybersecurity: Stepping Up Your Game Protects Your Company’s Assets

Cybersecurity: Stepping Up Your Game Protects Your Company’s Assets

If you operate or own a company, you know that you need excellent cybersecurity in 2023. You understand that hackers lurk online, and they might want to shut down your website or cripple your...
Parrot CTFs Launches New Knowledge Base and Buys Y2K Security’s Content

Parrot CTFs Launches New Knowledge Base and Buys Y2K Security’s Content

Parrot CTFs Hacking Platform Do you want to test your hacking skills in a safe and legal environment? If so, Parrot CTFs (Capture The Flag challenges) is the perfect platform for you. Parrot CTFs website offers...
Open Source Firewall

Top 10 Best Open-Source Firewall to Protect Your Enterprise Network 2023

Open Source Firewall is best known for protecting the network from a threat by filtering the inbound and outbound traffic and ensuring network security. Whenever we talk about Open Source Firewalls, the first...