Researchers Hacked Google A.I: Earned $50,000 Bounty

Researchers Hacked Google A.I: Earned $50,000 Bounty

At Google's LLM bugSWAT event in Las Vegas, researchers uncovered and reported bugs in the company's Bard AI (formerly known as Gemini) and received a $50,000 reward. Roni Carta, Justin Gardner, and Joseph Thacker worked...
QR code phishing

What is QR Code Phishing? (Quishing) – Attack & Prevention Guide in 2024

QR code Phishing, or "Quishing," is a cyber threat that exploits the widespread use of QR (Quick Response) codes in phishing attacks.  Quishing takes advantage of the recent high-use volume and increasing popularity of QR...
Rise of Black Hat AI Tools

Rise of Malicious Black Hat AI Tools That Shifts The Nature Of Cyber Warfare

The rise of malicious versions of LLMs, like dark variants of ChatGPT, is escalating cyber warfare by enabling more sophisticated and automated attacks.  These models can generate convincing phishing emails, spread disinformation, and craft targeted...
Google Launches AI Powered Malicious File Identification Tool Magika

Google Launches AI Powered Malicious File Detection Tool Magika

Google has introduced Magika, an AI-powered file-type identification system that assists in detecting binary and textual file formats. Even when utilizing a CPU, Magika's unique, highly-tuned deep-learning model allows for accurate file identification in a matter...
PyRIT : Automated AI Toolkit For Security Professionals

PyRIT : Automated AI Toolkit For Security Professionals

A new Python automation framework has been released for risk identification in generative AI. This new framework has been named "PyRIT," and it can help security professionals and machine learning engineers find risks in...

Hackers Selling DCRat Subscriptions for $5 on Telegram Groups

Recently, the cybersecurity researchers at ANY.RUN identified that hackers are selling DCRat subscriptions for $5 on the Telegram groups. Hackers sell Remote Access Trojan (RAT) subscriptions to other malicious actors to generate revenue. These subscriptions...
HackerGPT 2.0

HackerGPT 2.0 – A ChatGPT-Powered AI Tool for Ethical Hackers & Cyber Community

HackerGPT is an advanced AI tool created specifically for the cybersecurity industry, handy for individuals engaged in ethical hacking and cyber security research like bug bounty hunters. This sophisticated assistant is at the forefront of...
Elon Musk Lawsuit OpenAI Breach

Elon Musk Sues OpenAI For Breach of Contract

Elon Musk has initiated a lawsuit against OpenAI, the artificial intelligence research lab he co-founded, alleging a breach of the foundational agreement that aimed to ensure the development of artificial general intelligence (AGI) for...
Cloudflare Launches Firewall for AI Model

Cloudflare Unveils AI Model Firewall to Enhance Security

Cloudflare has announced the launch of a new firewall specifically designed to protect AI models. This pioneering initiative aims to address the growing concerns around the security of artificial intelligence systems, which are increasingly...
The Security Dimensions of Adopting LLMs

The Security Dimensions of Adopting LLMs

The incredible capabilities of LLM (Large Language Models) enable organizations to engage in various useful activities such as generating branding content, localizing content to transform customer experiences, precise demand forecasting, writing code, enhanced supplier...

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