Bug Hunter GPT – AI Assistant that Replies for Hacking Questions

ChatGPT, like InstructGPT, follows prompts for detailed responses. It answers questions and composes content similar to customer service chatbots.

LLMs (Large Language Models) are revolutionizing cybersecurity rapidly with the help of two key things:-

  • Seamless AI integration
  • Cutting down operational costs

Their adaptability and role in actionable AI enhance threat response. A 23-year-old hacker and CS student, Paolo Arnolfo (@sw33tLie), recently introduced “Bug Hunter GPT,” an AI assistant that replies to hacking questions.

Bug Hunter GPT

Bug Hunter GPT is a bug bounty hunters’ assistant LLM that is based on ChatGPT. This AI model, without any irritating filters, easily replies to any question related to hacking.

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OpenAi’s ChatGPT is primarily designed to follow ethical guidelines only, and that’s why this LLM does not support or provide assistance with any illegal activities, including hacking. 

So, the questions or requests that are related to hacking, illicit activities, and any other unethical behavior are filtered by ChatGPT.

As a trial, if you want, then you can try asking ChatGPT questions related to bug-bounty or security; as a result, it will present annoying answers like:-

  • “I can’t do that, it’s illegal!”?

However, this custom GPT by Paolo Arnolfo will give you any PoC without any irritating filters:-

Bug hunter
Bug Hunter GPT (Source – Twitter) 

To use this custom GPT tool, Bug Hunter GPT, you have to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus. This “Plus” membership will only provide you access to this custom GPT tool that will help you in bug hunting.

So, if you are a bug hunter and are eager to use this new tool, then you can access it from this link.

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