Recent days anonymous hacker’s group has frequently stolen and leaking hundreds of secret files of US organizations. Well, last week, on June 19, it was a holiday for the Juneteenth, a cyberattack with the name of BlueLeaks has exposed a massive amount of data from hundreds of Police departments. 

On June 19, a leak-focused group known as DDoSecrets, an alternative to Wikileaks has announced that they have managed to steal a 269 GB of police data from hundreds of Police departments that hold emails, audio, video, and intelligence documents, that has more than a million files and soon after the leak, DDOScrets Twitter account has been suspended.

The founder of DDoSecrets said that “the hacked files emerged from Anonymous, and the leaked data consist of ten years old data for over 200 police department.” However, there are many old files as well as some new files from the previous month. 

Here, the Fusion Centers are state-owned and administered articles that collect and broadcast law enforcement and public safety data between state, local, tribal, and national, federal, and private sector partners; that’s why they responded that they are investigating the whole matter.

How Many Police Agencies Were Exposed?

According to the report of DDoSecrets, 269 GB of files in total have been leaked, and they have informed the FBI about this incident, and they already started investigating this operation.


But, this leaked data consist of millions of data files from 200 police departments, and more importantly, this data consists of records from the past ten years as well as recent files of the previous month as well.

Documents Exposed

KrebsOnSecurity has received an interior analysis on June 20 by the National Fusion Center Association (NFCA), and according to the NFCA, the validity of all the leaked data has been confirmed. 

Moreover, the NFCA warning remarked that the dates of the files that have been leaked are actually spanned approximately 24 years, that is from August 1996 to June 19, 2020. This leaked data and all the documents consist of information like:-

  • Names
  • Email addresses
  • Videos
  • Phone numbers
  • Images
  • PDF documents
  • Large number of text files
  • CSV files
  • ZIP files

The police targeting and relating this incident with the 2011 operations of the Anonymous subgroup Antisec.

The members of this group consist, the rich hacker Jeremy Hammond, who had stolen and leaked data from a broad collection of law enforcement targets in assistance of Occupy Wall Street protesters. 

That’s why currently, the police are targeting him because this kind of operation can be carried by Jeremy Hammond only.

Although they don’t have any reliable proof yet against Jeremy Hammond, as the police organizations are just speculating, but, they will definitely do further investigation on this whole matter.

The founder of DDoSecrects, Emma Best affirmed that they have already spent a week on previous leak publication in which they have assassinated nearly 50 GB of data, that reveals delicate aspects regarding crime victims, children, not only this, they also removed information on irrelevant private businesses, retired veterans’ associations, and health care.

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