Hackers Released New Black Hat AI Tools XXXGPT and Wolf GPT

The rapid growth in generative AI tech is dramatically changing the complete threat scenario since threat actors actively exploit this tech for several illicit purposes.

While besides this, the deceptive chatbot services are now fueled by another two copycat hacker tools that are completely based on ChatGPT‘s popularity.

FalconFeedsio recently identified two new black hat AI tools, and here they are mentioned below:-

  • Wolf GPT
XXXGPT and Wolf GPT (Source – Twitter)


A hacker forum user was found to be promoting a malicious ChatGPT variant, boasting several illicit features dubbed “XXXGPT.”

While on the other hand, security analysts also discovered another black hat AI tool dubbed “Wolf GPT.” Wolf GPT is a Python-built alternative to ChatGPT that promises complete confidentiality with multitudes of malicious intentions.

Apart from this, the developers of these black hat AI tools claim that these tools are completely sophisticated and advanced, equipped with several revolutionary features and services.

Specifically, the XXXGPT developers claim that they have backed their tool with a team of five experts mainly tailored to your project.

Moreover, apart from the aforementioned two tools, experts have recently made noteworthy findings of an additional pair of tools, exclusively based on ChatGPT’s technology.

Features of XXXGPT

Here below, we have mentioned all the features of XXXGPT:-

  • Provides code for botnets
  • Provides code for RATs
  • Provides code for malware
  • Provides code for key loggers
  • Provides code for crypter
  • Provides code for infostealer
  • Provides code for Cryptostealer
  • Provides code for POS malware
  • Provides code for ATM malware

Features of Wolf GPT

Here below, we have mentioned all the features of Wolf GPT:-

  • Offers complete confidentiality
  • Enable powerful cryptographic malware creation
  • Advanced phishing attacks

Black Hat AI Tools Discovered Yet

Here below, we have mentioned all the black hat AI tools discovered yet:-


While the most worrisome things about these tools are, they could be easily exploited by both beginner or advanced threat actors for monetary gains.

Below we have mentioned all the recommendations offered by the security researchers:-

  • Always be prepared with a robust defense-in-depth strategy.
  • Make sure to mandate BEC-Specific training.
  • Always use a robust security solution.
  • Ensure comprehensive security telemetry.
  • Make sure to implement enhanced email verification measures.

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